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The Netherese Empire

The Netherese Empire was once a world spanning empire who stood second to none. They wrought spells regularly that are the stuff of legends to this day. They craved knowledge and would do whatever it takes to one day gain enough to unseat the gods and rule over all. Their magical might was such that they left this world and traveled to the stars and made a name for themselves there. They had fleets of vessels capable of leaving the world and off to others. When they fought one another, as Arcanists would do to take the spells of their victims, the battles were so monumental, with one spell they were able to place a volcano where once there was a city. They used spells to slice the top off of mountains, raise them to fly forever in the sky, and flip them upside down to have a place to build their cities of buildings that defied the laws of physics simply because it was pleasing to their eyes. They were the inventors of the spells Wizards use this very day. it was they who took magics only before wielded by Clerics and Druids and made Wizard versions of them. It was they who would create powerful magical items the likes of which the world has never seen. It was they who thought they were beyond death, they who all one day, in one stroke of a single spell, were wiped from the face of the world, who with that same spell, destroyed magic itself and sent all reality into chaos. Now, naught remains but a few relics and cities long lost. Still, rumors say, there are groups of adventurers who stumbled upon ancient temples of the Netherese. Some rumors even say, there are people and organizations trying to find these lost spells to rule the world themselves with the power.

Mythology & Lore

The gods and goddesses are nothing but extremely powerful spellcasters who gain even more power by being worshiped. To worship any is to admit one is nothing but a servant to them. This is not the place of an Arcanist. The Arcanists of Netherill shall rise to overthrow the gods and rule the entirety of existence. We shall ascend.
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