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Welcome, traveler, to the world of Arelia. Who am I you ask? Well, perhaps we shall meet in this little creation of mine sometime or perhaps not. Regardless, I think it shall be enjoyable to watch. Allow me to be your guide to this world of mine. In the meantime, you may call me Ronin.   Let us begin our journey with the Human/Golden Dragonborn Kingdom of Amariel. Held in the Northern portion of the far Western continent. The Capital City of Masgala is a sight to behold. It is here one can see the many facets of humanity come into being. It's wanderlust, creativity, honor and faith held side by side with it's greed, desire for power and destructive power. Such an interesting species. This is tempered by the Golden Dragonborn sense of Honor, mastery of skills, and patience. Fascinating how they work so well together. You may wander North and find yourself in the Religious Capital of the world, known as Protos Naos. There, every church of every faith stands united in one grand city. Pilgrims journey from all over the world to visit. For it is here, that the goddess Arelia was said to first come to bring life to a once desolate and chaotic mass. Be wary of breaking the laws here mortal, for the city guard and standing army of Paladins enforce the laws of this City State and the gods themselves are quite unforgiving of thieves stealing from their temples. The Humans, the feisty little things that they are, have two major militant cities neighboring Protos Nao. To the East is Grehiem's Keep and Blaxton's Watch to the West. Seems many humans are protective of their faith eh?   Now let us go South and visit their neighbors. Ah, the Kalahari Empire. The Desert Elves, or Kalahari, who live along side the Brass and Blue Dragonborn Clans, pride themselves in being the oldest civilization. At least, that is what they tell anyone who cares to listen. Its vast desert is an unforgiving place for the fools who seek fabled treasure beneath its sands. It has claimed the lives of many a fool hearty adventurer but this has yet to stop more from coming. One must be careful for the desert is not the only danger within these lands as many a monster call this deadly place home. Still, if you can find a ride on the Kalahari Dune Riders, the Capital City of Deshret Kaba is a sight to behold. If it is ancient magics and relics one seeks, it is the City of Sekhet-Hotep-Et than one must travel to.   It is worth noting of the City State of Aswan that lies just beyond the jagged mountains west of the Kalahari Empire. A true inspiration for many adventurers. You see, a young band of adventurers was able to impress the Pharos of the Kalahari empire enough to be gifted a parcel of land. It was here they founded a city were all are welcome. Here one will find many of the races of Arelia communing with one another. Many a pirate fleet and a few foolish generals from certain countries thought themselves capable of taking this city but have never returned to tell of how badly they failed or the power of the city's defenses.   Further South is the Iron Consortium. Land of the Dwarves, Copper Dragonborn, Warforged, Gnomes, Amethyst Dragonborn and Halflings. It seems the excellent craftsmanship of the Dwarves, desire of skill mastery of the Copper and Amethyst Dragonborn, the creative spark of the Gnomes and the silver tongue of the Halflings work quite well together in forming a very booming economy with the assured protection the Warforged provide. In Cerdach Mor, the sound of hammers striking anvils fills the air and lulls its residents to sleep. While the sounds of a stray explosion here and there can be how one wakes in the morning followed by the shouts of sellers touting new "miracle inventions" and "marvelous machines" with Copper Dragonborn laughing in the background. The city of Jockenstoke is a place of constant production. Ships and weapons of war and defense are made here and sold off to the Consortium's Army or a few lucky adventurers. The Eastern Jade Citadel of Ba Sing Se lies on the Western coast of The Consortium yet is not controlled by it. It is held by the local Minotaur, Luxodon and Turtlefolk Monks who practice the ancient art of martial combat. This is but one of the four great temples of Arelia.   As we go to the far South, we find the last country of this continent. The Gong Dynasty. Many think the Minotaur, Luxodon, Silver Dragonborn and Turtlefolk here have a simple life but upon visiting, one can see each practicing a lesson or form of martial combat. The Capital City of Gongdar is majestic and expansive yet somehow seems to co-exist with the land around it. In the Southern City of Mootaru, one can watch fabled Cowbuki dancers perform their art in grand stages to the thundering applause of thousands.   Take note to never travel East from here, adventurer. For the ocean to the East is La Rujue Ocean. The Path of the Dead as the Kalahari call it. The great beasts of the sea claim this as their hunting ground. Even so, many adventurers try to recover the hundreds of thousands sunken treasure buried beneath that vast and gods forsaken place. One hears rumors of a few managing just that. Yet more often one hears of yet another ship taken by the sea. Even so, one must wonder how the rival Pirate Nations of Herekore and The Crimson Corsairs survive there without being destroyed. Perhaps they are and no one realized it yet. As such we shall go West for your safety.   We cross the Pendegaeron Ocean, realm of the Sea Elves and their magnificent floating cities, and find the Southern Moon Bay. Another one of the Four Great Temples. Here, Sea Elves, Triton and Topaz Dragonborn keep watch over and maintain the monastery, as masters instruct stubborn students on the many ways to end the life of an enemy. Traveling East from here, we find the Sano Confederation. Home to the Goblins, Kenku and Kobolds. The land isn't that impressive really. Aside from their navy, not much seems to be of the Sano Confederation. At least, to those unwilling to look deeper. For the Goblin, Kenku and Kobold cities are actually under the land they claim as home. There, magnificent caverns leading into the Underdark make up their home. Any attempts to siege this vast underground city is futile as all critical passes and choke points are riddled with the ingenious traps of the Kobolds with Goblin ingenuity crafted by Kenku expertise. Such spunk for little fellows eh? But why underground? Simple really, the surface is filled with all manner of plants and animals deadly to everyone and underground is simply safer.   Further West lies the land of the Tiefling Cabals. Here, one can find access to all forms of vice. Home to The Cabalia, who have their fingers in all forms of illegal activities from slave trading, smuggling, gambling, thievery, assassinations and enforcers of seedy deals. One can certainly find anything you need, provided you have the gold and aren't stabbed in the back for it. The Cabalia comprises of Tieflings, and Red Dragonborn. Adventurers be warned for the Cabalia reaches far and never forgets. Of the five major cities, Attramentum is the most amicable to outsiders, comparatively speaking anyway. Their only competition being the organization known only as The Black Hand and let's just say, competition is the very, very nice way of saying: shadow war between two shadowy organizations.   Further West lies the Druidic island of Malumalu. Home of the Druids, Shifters, Centaurs, Changelings, Satyrs and Were-folk of all kinds the only city open to foreigners is Con's Landing. Here one can find herbal remedies of all kinds and the unique craftsmanship of the druids. Be warned traveler, for the druids do not tolerate the undead upon their lands nor do they abide by the abuse of nature and those who live within her realm.   Traveling the Paimlug Sea, home of the quirky Sea Bolds, one can expect to be greeted by the ever curious dwellers of this sea. Exercise patience traveler, as they are prone to pranks for their amusement and it is unwise to provoke these cunning creatures.   As we venture North, we come to the land of the Cathar Concord. This is the home of the Leonin, and the Cathar. Their caste system is adhered to quite strictly. Here, magic runs in the blood for all its denizens and all forms of slavery is punished severely. The Capital City of Adrusai is the quest for knowledge made manifest. Great Libraries and schools of magic open to all reside here. If one is lucky, you might find yourself having a conversation with the deity known as Adrusai, for which the Capital is named. Sightings of the Cathar Deity have been reported throughout Arelia but many sightings are within the Cathar Concord itself, although sightings are just as common within the High Elven city of Jorek but more on that later.   Within the continent of the Cathar Concord, at the furthest Western point lies the Sun Warrior City. One of the five Great Temples, it is under the care of the Bronze Dragonborn clan. Although on the continent of the Cathar Concord, it is not under the rule or authority of the Cathar. Here, students of the ancient martial arts practice their deadly craft day and night.   Traveling further North on the Western Ocean of the Sea of Claws, one enters the realm of the Clawfane. Content to live in peace, study and research magic and harvest algae, the Crabfolk are quite the isolationists but once spurred to war, become fierce warriors and stop only upon the complete extinction of their enemies. Tread carefully here adventurers but fear not, for they shall offer shelter, food and aid to any who need it provided they do not threaten their peace.   North of the Cathar Concord, one comes to the land known only as the Ten-thousand Deaths. Home to the Yuan-Ti, Lizardfolk and Cueyatl. Though lacking in a formal city of any kind, the tribes within are vast in numbers and all expert hunters and survivors of their land and do not take kindly to trespassers. Despite this, they alone are not the reason the land remains untamed by all. Some say it is as if the land itself does not wish to be harnessed. There is a reason it was given the name of The Land of Ten-Thousand Deaths. Many Pirate Lords or lost fleets have come here by chance, sadly due to either pride or ignorance, none have returned alive. Their ghosts, on the other hand.....   Continuing North, one will find the land of Hijau Kekal. Realm of the Wood Elves and Aasimar. Here, nature and civilization are one. It should be said that both are fiercely defended by those known only as the Green Knights. Though none who angered them have ever survived, what remains of them, that can be found easy enough.   Adjacent to Hijau Kekal, is the ancient land of the High Elves. The Empire of Kekal Kerajaan holds the Highborn commanders, spell casters, priests and royal families as well as the Lowborn workers, fishers, slaves, and cannonfodder for it's standing army and navy. The High Elven Capital City of Jorek holds many secrets awaiting to be discovered for those daring enough to look.   As we travel along the Northern seas, going East we shall enter the Hunting grounds of the fierce Sharkaan Tribes, Jaggerjaw Ocean. Many foolhardy captains have found their ships attacked by waves of Sharkaan warriors from the depths for fouling their waters or accidentally entering a sacred site unknown to them. Wise rulers have negotiated, albeit very difficultly, for the safe passage of their vessels but some believe they can simply force the issue without consequence, to their great disappointment.   Further East, on the Northernmost point of the world lies the Frozen Kingdoms. Realm of the Ice Dwarves, in their great fortress of the Frozen Citadel, Ice Elves in the great White Spire and White Dragonborn Clans who roam the frozen wasteland. Many have traveled here in search of treasures, fame and fortune only to find their own bodies frozen along side those foolish enough to come before them, equally unprepared. Travelers be warned for here be the land of Giants as well and with food so scarce, an ill prepared adventurer makes for an enjoyable meal...   Further East is the Northern Sky Temple. One would have to look very far up in order to see it, as it is built upon a floating mountain in the sky. None save the Aarakocra, Avariel and Owlin Monks and their chosen students know how to safely journey there and back but what a sight it must be from up there. One can only wonder, what else does that mountain hide within?   Turning South from here, we come to lands of the Barbarian Hordes. If war was a country, the Barbarian Hordes would be it. Along its Western shore, one will find the Tribes of the Barbarian King. It is they alone that the rest of the world would deal with as they are amicable. From the Northern tip going South you will find the Black Crow Clan who favor striking behind enemy lines, destroying supply lines and striking the front lines once weakened from lack of supplies. The Revenant Clan consist of magically infused warriors that master the union of blade and spell in combat. The Dragon Warriors Clan prefer the purity of flame to purge the land of their foes. Wielding weapons infused with elemental fire, they revel in turning their enemies to ash in the glory of close combat. The Thunderwolves Clan ride into battle aloft great Dire Wolves and fight along side them in packs that tear their foes asunder with tooth, claw and blade. The Dark Angels Clan are noble warriors who temper their fierce rage with honor in battle. The White Scars Clan are expert hunters of beast and men. None escape them when the clan goes on the hunt. The Storm Walkers Clan can be seen waging into battle with prosthetic arms and legs as they refuse to let "a simple scratch" keep them from the glory of combat. The War Born Clan are master tacticians and are experts in the use of all forms of weaponry in battle. The King's Fist Clan are the experts in defensive construction and warfare across the world. Of the Eastern Clans, nothing is known save for what little the Western clans speak. Lunatics, madmen, demon and devil worshipers all. Should they fall upon any city, none shall survive. It is only the Clans of the Barbarian King that keep them at bay from the rest of the world for their shores are warded by ancient magics put in place long ago by a race long since erased from the world.   The lands to the South of the Barbarian Hordes, connected only by a sliver of land is the Orc Hordes. The Barbarian King claims to send "Skirmishes" against them to "Train new recruits." in actuality, the Orc Hordes enjoy combat as much as the Barbarians and constantly try to invade their lands only to be repelled by them time and time again. The tribal cities of Dakka and Zahadoom are chaos and war incarnate. The Capital City of Moggrog would be expected to be worse but strangely seems more civilized......relatively speaking, as they make trade with those willing to give them slaves and weapons of war.   Our next stop is within the Oaris Ocean. Kingdom of the Merfolk. Ever curious, helpful to those in need, kind and helpful, the Merfolk are a welcome sight to any sailor blown astray by storm or marooned on a desolate island. Provided, those they interact with do not harm their waters or their shoals, they are a good people to be around.   Finally delving deep into the the darkness, beneath the oceans, beneath the other nations, deep within the Underdark itself is the great Drow Republic. Home to Drow, Deep Gnomes, Emerald Dragonborn, Sapphire Dragonborn and Duergar, the Drow Republic has access points to the surface leading to every major city across the Eastern Hemisphere of Arelia. Theirs is a world of political intrigue, military might and status among the peoples. Be wary not to get yourself too caught up within the web of politics.   What is West in the Underdark? Ah, my astute friend, that is the Necros Nation. An entire nation of the Undead. Vampire, Ghosts, Wraiths, Mummies, Zombies and so much more call it home. It is ruled by the thirteen members Dark Council. Many avoid the nation with good reason.   Now traveler, you know enough of Arelia to make your own way or get in trouble. Adventure awaits! Go forth and explore and may the gods be in your favor! I'll be watching.....