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Oval shaped, black stones that were brittle as glass and turned into a powder when they were forcefully struck or when hurled against a solid object. Originally thought useless by miners until examined by The Netherese Empire Arcanist Elorian.    A single chardalyn could absorb one spell, which was released when the stone was crushed or destroyed. This was a natural ability of the substance and did not require any magical preparation or treatment beforehand. The spell stayed encased in the chardalyn indefinitely—it could be released seconds or centuries later. Usually, the spell was cast with the chardalyn as the target and it was absorbed without fail, but an empty chardalyn had a slightly better than even chance to absorb a spell that did not target it directly, as long as it was in the spell's area of effect. Once a chardalyn was imbued with a spell, additional spells had no effect on the stone. When shattered, the attributes (power, volume, duration, damage, etc.) of the spell were unchanged and the focal point was the exact location where the breakage occurred.
Very Rare
20,000 Gold Pieces for a large ore weighing 5 lbs.
Common State
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Cover image: Slate ore by Alexey Shmelev


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