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Masgala City

Welcome to the Capital City of the Ameriel Kingdom! I am Aylin Jedea, Bard extraordinaire! I shall be your guide here so keep up! The great city of Masgala is home to the Two Kings, their Royal Court and the Masgala Castle itself! Here you shall find wares from all over the world! A bristling city of commerce, politics, fortune and intrigue. Built atop Pegasi's Roost, the city's walls reach as high as 25 feet and that's just the Outer Circle! Each of the circles that make up the city's defense are manned by squadrons of Pegasi Riders launched from the many launch Towers built into the Circle's walls, as well as Companies of expert archers, ballistae, mangonels and catapults with the Outer Circle and the Fifth Circle holding tribuchets as well. Woe be unto any fool who dares to march upon us eh?   Hmmm? Oh right, the Circles. Well, the Outer Circle makes up the perimeter of the city proper and within lies the Low Quarter. It is there, the less fortunate reside. Less fortunate being an overstatement in my humble opinion. Even those called "commoners" here live a modest lifestyle compared to those elsewhere. Now, what I ask you, other kingdom can say the same? No one, that's who. At any rate, you'll find much within the Low Quarter: gambling, a good tavern, good inns, good men (well I mean come on are there any really?), good women (that part's true), great food, fighting pits, information (if you're smart enough to know where to look), oh and the local thieve's guild. What? Every city worth its salt has one. Some might say theirs don't and two people say such things, liars and those born in shite cities. Mind your coin pouch and you should be fine enough. Just don't go wandering down any dark alleys eh? Now, the Fifth Circle, firstly, in order to enter from one Circle to the next, taxes must be paid. Oh don't gimme that look! It's only a Silver Piece per person! Not an arm and a leg! Copper pinchers, I swear.   What? No, there isn't a gate. We ride the Elevation Platforms! How else did you think we'd get from the lower levels and go up? Climb? Come on then, off we go. Ah the Fifth Circle, within we have the Merchant's District. Around here, money changes hands faster than the wind and tide! A keen eye will find anything you seek here. Rare and exotic wares from foreign lands and realms, magical items, potions and the like. Oh no you don't! Put your coin pouch away! You DID want the best yes? Then do as I say. No complaining you. Trust me. Those among you who fancy yourselves as brilliant traders will find stores of goods available for purchase and merchants with fat pockets willing to buy goods coming from foreign lands. From here, we shall go deeper into the city.   Ah the Fourth Circle, home to the Religious District and The Clock Tower.┬áTemples to all the gods and goddesses are found here. Nowhere near the grandeur of Protos Naos mind you, but still, they serve their purpose. You Paladins and Clerics can go on and do your prayers. There's a tavern nearby, I'll wait.   Back already? Good! Let's move along then shall we? Here we are then! Third Circle, mind your manners lads. This here's the Military District. The standing defensive army, known as the Shieldsmen, the local law enforcers, known as the Blades , and the Pegasi Calvary, known as the Sky Riders, are housed in the barracks here. Over there's the training grounds, the Academy of Sky, Shield and Blade, and that there is the garrison. Right foolish place to try anything underhanded around here. Looking at you rogue. They say, they was placed in the Third Circle to act as a bit of a buffer separating the nobles from the common folk. Nobles, stuck up sons of Bugbears the lot of 'em, save a few mind you.   Onward then, to the Second Circle. Noticed the tight security eh? It's in place to stop potential assassins and the like. Right then, here you have the Noble Houses of the land. Of course the Nobles can't be without their own finery eh? Best shops of the kingdom found here. As a result, the best goods are too. Weapons, Armor, Potions, Magical Items, Herbal Remedies straight from the Druid Isle, Spell Scrolls and nick knacks of all sorts. What's that? Why Nobles need weapons and armor you ask? Think about it, just because they're Nobles doesn't mean they're all frail little twigs. Some of the families require their young ones to train in martial combat, spell casting and the like. Another status symbol for some, a means to an ends for others. See that there? The big tower? That's the Lazurite Academy. The world's only school for spell casters. Powerful people the lot of 'em.   Ah, our final stop, the First Circle. This here forms the defensive walls of Masgala Castle proper. Afraid I can't take you inside though, only those with official business and residents of the castle permitted within. What? I told ye, I'd be your guide to the city not grant you an audience with the Two Kings! Not responsible for what you assume. Oh don't worry about my payment, I took it from you when you first came here. Tata!


Mobile: Sky Riders-Warriors born aloft Pegasi, Archers, Mages, Enchanted Gargoyles capable of flight, Shieldsmen, Blades and traditional calvary.   Stationary: Outer Circle and Fifth Circle: Walls 25 feet tall, Towers, Ballistae, Mangonels, Catapults and Tribuchets First Circle through Fourth Circle: Walls 25 feet tall, Towers, Ballistae, Mangonels and Catapults

Industry & Trade

The trading of food goods from the farmlands to other countries is the primary source of income for the kingdom. Masgala serves as the hub from which the goods are distributed. The farmlands send the food here, where it is packaged and prepared for shipment and sent off. It also serves as the distribution point for all goods brought into the kingdom for use in the city or sent to the other outlying cities as needed.

Guilds and Factions

Blades: Serve as the local law enforcement for the city.   Shields: Serve as the standing defense force for the entire city.   Sky Riders: Serve as the airborne cavalry for defense for the city.   Thieve's Guild: Local thieves who help the local economy by acquiring money from foreign travelers and redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor.   Lazurite Academy : School for spell casters.

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