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Protos Naos

Right then! All Sinners on that side there! Form a line you lot! Adulterers over there, try to keep your hands to yourselves will you? Murderers, over there, Brother Warf will search you for weapons before you enter. Lepers over there, holds yourselves together until we get you in. All other diseases, to that side there and grouped by disease please no need for cross contamination, our Clerics will see to you lot once our Paladins have sorted you.    Now all other pilgrims to that side please! Ok those on Holy Quests, over there in an orderly fashion if you please. Those on regular pilgrimages to the Holy City, to that side there, form a line. Those of you wishing to join the Holy Crusade may go there and see Brother Rikenwill. Those wanting to become servants of the gods, may line up there.   Tourists! To the back of the line with you all! Hmm? What? I'm not your bloody tour guide! Go ask him! Go!     Hello traveler! Please forgive my esteemed colleague there. He's been on this duty for about a month now. Bit touchy. I am Janus. If this your first time to our Holy City? It is! Most wonderful to meet those arriving for the first time! You stand before the most sacred soil in all of Arelia! Why is it sacred?! Oh my goodness! Hahahaha! You've never heard the stories as a babe? The twin goddesses Arelia and Ameriel set foot on this world for the first time here! Well, not HERE, here but here as in the center of the city! It is said that once they saw the form of this world roiling with Elemental Chaos, they saw potential and something else. Some say it was joy and others say it was the concept of life itself. They claimed this place as their own and thus our world, Arelia was born. See? This is how it was named as such! Ah Ameriel Kingdom was named after the other half of the twin goddesses. This world and the place they first stood upon them made holy for all time!    Within these walls my friend, you will find the greatest temples to all the gods within! People from all over, worshiping gods and goddesses of all kinds, here, in one place. Despite all their differences, here we all stand, kneel, and bow in worship to the great divine! THIS is the beauty of this place. Warded by Clerics and Paladins of all faiths against all evil. No evil shall ever enter these walls. To top it off this is also home to the Hell Riders who act as the stalwart defenders of this sacred city, it's people and the sacred relics held within. If it is faith and the gods you wish to learn of, if it is your faith in the gods you wish to practice or partake in, look no further. Come, let us walk together.
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Holy City, City Of The Gods, City Of Temples
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Cover image: Holy City by Magnus Schramm


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