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Ameriel Kingdom

Ameriel Kingdom is home to Humans and Golden Dragonborn. The Two Kings, one from each perspective race, rule the land, united as one. Masgala City serves as the capital of the Kingdom and the seat of the Two Kings and the Royal Court. Although Protos Naos resides within the kingdom, it is not under Ameriel Rule. The Castles of Blaxton's Watch and Grehiem's Keep serve as military staging points and ports for the Royal Navy as well as defensive fortifications that block enemies from invasion through the North as the East and West are shielded by mountain ranges. Not far away from Grehiem's Keep is the coastal city of Taroport. This serves as on of the two fishing cities for the kingdom, Ravenford is the other. However, due to the dangers of La Rujue Ocean. It is for this reason, fishing vessels tend to remain close to shore and only leave with military escort. The city of Walden Springs and its counterpart, the city of Sandycreek serve as the primary trading cities for the kingdom. The center of the kingdom is holds its primary resource of trade to the rest of the world, its farmlands that produce grain, fruits and vegetables. Ameriel has a long standing trade agreement with the Kalahari Empire, The Iron Consortium and the Gong Dynasty. The local farmers, Baron Lords and governors always have need for adventurers to rid their fields of the monsters that destroy their produce and devour their cattle. The creatures tend to make their way down from the mountain ranges or woods. The pay is good for those able to survive. There have been rumors of stronger and more cunning beasts roaming the lands. Several adventuring parties have gone to hunt the beasts but have never returned causing more concern.


The heartland features rolling hills and expansive plains of rich topsoil for farming. To the East and West are Mountain Ranges in the North and further South are forests. The only clear access to the oceans lie in the North next to Blaxton's Watch, Grehiem's Keep(location) and Protos Naos(location). The Southern end of the kingdom holds the entrance into the vast expansive desert of the Kalahari Empire.

Natural Resources

Produce: Fruits, Vegetables and Grain grown in the farmlands in the heart of the kingdom.
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City of Two Kings
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