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Gong Dynasty

Welcome noble warrior! I am known as the Jade Dragon! Welcome to my home country of Gongdar! The home to the Great Emperor himself and his Royal Family! The home of Cowbuki Dance, the peerless Bushi Warriors, Arelia's largest fish market (take a wild guess why the Cathar Concord are so friendly with us, go on, guess), the finest and most loyal mercenaries in the world and Masters of the Way of War! Here all is loud! Robust! Strong! Entertaining! Other wonderful adjectives!    We share a stalwart and strong alliance with the Ameriel Kingdom, Kalahari Empire and the Iron Consortium! We even provide our mightiest warriors to the Barbarian Hordes for the war against the shadows of evil and their ilk! Let it never be said we Gongdari are not honorable and fierce warriors!    You wish to learn the Arts of War? HA! HAHAHA! You have spirit for such a small creature but I see the fire in your eyes and the purity of your soul! Very well then! Come with me, and you may become a great warrior yet! Our training regiment usually begins at the age of seven so you'll be behind in your lessons, however, if we skip sleep and several meals, we can have you fully trained in no less than 30 years! What? Too long? HAHAHA! Eager are you?! Very well young one, then attack me! *The world suddenly goes black* Wake up there! Ah good! You breathe! I thought you were ready and I attacked and you fell and didn't get up. Sorry, but you insisted! Hmm? Oh your companions left. Well they waited a month but you did not rouse! Oh worry not of the expenses on your housing and medicine, you'll just make it up while serving in our beloved and most noble Mercenary Guild! Why have you gone pale?!
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Forest, Boreal (Coniferous)
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Cover image: The Mountain City by Chengpu Zhang


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