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Iron Consortium

Right then, welcome to the Iron Consortium. Me name's Flint Fireforge and I intend to only give ye this guide once as that's all ye paid fer. Now If ye be looking fer the best in technological marvels 'round the world, look no further. Here be home to the greatest minds in all of Arelia. Artificers and Smiths any nation would kill fer. Here we specialize in the creation of any kind of machinery known. The golems tha' come outta here are the best in the world. We even have mechanical familiars and mechanical conduits capable of holding the spirit of any familiar summoned and givin' them a form ta kick the arse of anyone dumb enough to mess with it's owner. We Dwarves of the Consortium make right well use of the mountains around us and we have minerals, metal and gems that'll put any dragon's hoard ta shame. Out siege weaponry is the best that gold can buy and will outlive any vessel or fortification it is ever placed upon and guaranteed to destroy any building or vessel placed before it. Our Armors and Weapons never rust, dent and NEVER break. If it aint made here, ye buyin' trash and that the truth laddie.    As fer the locals, Warforge of all kinds live here. We donne know where they come from and they don't either but we donne ask. They good folk with a heart as bright as gold and yet stronger than adamantine. Our Gnomish brethren be causing all kinds o' trouble with their "experiments" so don't ye mind the random explosions. We've dealt with them enough ta have safety measures in place all 'round every city. Er, that being did sign the waivers upon entrance eh? Ah, good. No worries lad, if ye die, yer family will be paid. Right then, Dwarves call this place home too, obviously. The kinder ones around here be the Halflings. They be the "negotiators" and truth be told, they do a mighty fine job at it. The Copper Dragonborn of our lands are decent folk and like te have a laugh whenever they can.    If ye donne mind a hard days work, a long night of parties, perfecting yer trade or learning new ones, then me friend, the Iron Consortium is a good home te have.

Localized Phenomena

Lightning storms are as common here as rain is everywhere else. True, the rain comes with it but there's a reason why Artificers here get excited when rain clouds form overhead.

Natural Resources

Metals, Stone and Gems from the depths of the mountains.
Owning Organization
Related Ethnicities
Inhabiting Species

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