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Kalahari Empire

Ah, home. Welcome traveler to the Kalahari Empire! I am Sethos and I shall be your guide. Now, imagine a land far from your home fill with naught but sands. Dotted throughout are mountains to be sure, but what catches your eye are the great pyramids of the Kalahari Empire. You see, throughout the great expanse that some call the Sea of Sands are the mighty cities that stand in defiance to the ever present forms of death from the desert. This is the home of the Kalahari. It is in these deep deserts the Kalahari Empire thrives where others would die. The unrelenting heat of the day giving way only to shivering nights. The sands fly among the winds, stinging the eyes and biting the skin and some say that should the Pharos or the ancient mummies become angered, they rise in great walls brining ruin to all in their path with winds so strong, they cause the sand to rip flesh from bone leaving only a bleached remain of what once was. Yet even in this place of death and ever present danger lies beauty and hope. Oasis can be found in this great desert to be sure. The spark of hope that brings life to all.   Oh to be certain we have trade caravans of camels throughout that brings supplies and people to and fro but these are the simpler versions of what we use regularly you see. The Kalahari are the oldest empire in all of Arelia my friend, and not by accident! Our magical marvels, Kalahari technology, ingenuity and shear force of will and determination to strive and not simply survive but to flourish is what makes our people great! These days it is more common to see our Dune Runners, Sand Gliders and their like making way across the dessert to their distant destinations.   In the heart of the desert you shall find the heart of the Empire, the great capital city of Deshret Kaba. This is the city where the Pharos himself and other great leaders of the Empire reside. The great library of all of Arelia resides in the grand city of Sekhet-Hotep-Et with the wisest of sages, smartest of scholars and powerful students of the arcane who come to attain the knowledge from the ancient tomes held within. Yet this is not the only reason travelers from distant lands come to the Empire. You see my friend, there are many stories of untold treasure, items of great power and places of legends buried deep among the sands of the Kalahari Empire. Many adventurers come seeking fortunes under estimating the power of the desert and have never been seen again. There are even tales of magical lamps in the sands that hold the power to grant it's master 3 wishes. The genies within capable of granting the wishes uttered to certain but the wise know that not all genies adhere to the spirit of the wish made and simply twist the words or find loopholes. Woe unto the poor soul who finds one such as they. Tales abound of the great Pharos of the times long past, who have hidden vast hordes of treasure within the sands. The tales must be true for look, even dragons reside in this land and fight for territory!    Like animals? Good! You see, in addition to the Dragons that reside here, there is the mighty Dune Worms that are capable of devouring an Adult Dragon in one bite! We also have the Sand Stalker who seek out those foolish enough to wander into their hunting grounds. Oddly enough, tales of treasure always seem to lead people there. In this land you will find Blood Hawks, Snakes of many kinds, Elementals, Hyenas and Weasels, Spiders galore, Scorpions large and small, the occasional Mummy, Crocodiles, Chimeras, Giants, creatures of the arcane nature and so much more. Who knows? Perhaps you might meet the legendary Sphinxes of our lands eh? If you do, I hope you are clever.   Our trade specializes in ancient items, relics, tomes of lore, spices only found in our lands, oh and our TEA! We have a very special kind of tea. It is called TEA tea. The Best tea you will ever find in the world! Our Papyrus is excellent for wizardly spell books, our ink is just as superb! Not interested in trade? Something else? Ah weapons? Armor? There is a reason why our warriors are able to wear them in this deadly heat. We have very special techniques in making ours and the magics imbued in them is quite potent. All of our cities have great shopping plazas dedicated to the catering of anyone's desire. Did I mention, we are also the regular stopping point for the Carnival of Champions? Tell me, how lucky do you feel traveler? How ambitious are you? You see here in the Kalahari Empire, dreams take flight as often as new bones are bleached by our sands.

Cover image: Amonkhet by Greg Rutkowski


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