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Firewatch Keep

The Keep of Firewatch Island has had an interesting history to say the least. After being gifted by the Baron of Walden Springs to the heroes known to some as The Intrepid and to others as Troubled Waters, it has gone under significant repairs and upgrades. Today, the Keep serves as the training grounds for future adventurers. Known as the College of the Lionheart. The Keep and the island itself has gone under significant upgrades and defensive installations. Its stands as a bastion against any would be invaders and pirates. Though since it's new ownership, the pirates seemed at first hesitant, after a few skirmishes, one particularly resulting in the complete annihilation of 4 pirate fleets, the pirates know to steer clear of this place.

Purpose / Function

Initially designed to protect the harbor cities of Walden Springs and Sandycreek against pirate raids and serve as an early warning to the nation against possible invasion.


Since it's new ownership under The Intrepid the Keep has been repaired and upgraded. A proper harbor was built to accommodate the vessels of The Intrepid and the supply vessels of the Keep. The Intrepid also installed 10 Mangonels, 2 Trebuchets, and 5 Ballistas.   The Keep also has a tower that serves as the places of learning for Druids, Sorcerers, Wizards and Warlocks. A smaller tower serves as the place of learning for Monks and Bards. The courtyard serves as the training grounds for the Fighters, Barbarians, Rangers and Paladins. Inside the Keep, on the first floor, has a room in which are multiple shrines to the gods where Clerics practice their holy arts. On the same floor there is a fully stocked Armory, a fully furnished dining hall, kitchen and pantry.     The second floor holds classrooms for each of the classes to learn from (although the barbarians hardly use theirs), a large room set aside for general purposes and a place for Rogues to practice their craft and a library.     The third floor holds bedrooms for each of the instructors, a bedroom for the head master and bedrooms for the students.


Originally built as a defensive position against pirate raids on Ameriel Kingdom. After several years it fell under attack from a Pirate Lord during a horrific hurricane. The defenders were all but wiped out but managed to take down the Pirate Lord and his vessel. The aftermath of this would not be felt for some time.   The Keep was later taken over by pilgrims who set about redesigning the keep for their purposes. Several years later the Pirate Lord, now an undead being, sent his army of undead upon the inhabitants. Though an easy victory, this would prove to be the Pirate Lord's undoing as this drew the attention of a group of up and coming adventurers known to some as Troubled Waters and The Intrepid to others.     The valiant heroes laid waste to the undead they found there and then held their ground against the tides of undead that came from beneath the waves. A thorough search of the Keep revealed the source of attacks coming from beneath the waves. The adventurers wasted no time to make their way there. They dived beneath using magical items and found the undead Pirate Lord and his minions protecting a rift into the Shadowfell. After slaying the Pirate Lord and his protectors, the heroes sealed the rift and returned to the surface. Baron of Walden Springs awarded the island and it's keep to the heroes as thanks for stopping the undead from attacking their shores.
Alternative Names
Lionheart College
Parent Location


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