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Reya Mantlemorn

Redeemer, Grand Marshal

Reya Mantlemorn is a humble woman. Though young compared to most other Paladins of both the Hell Riders and the Holy Army of Protos Naos, she is by far the one with the most experience in fighting against the forces of evil. You see, when she was but only 19 years of age, she had already completed her training to become a Hell Rider, she witnessed the home city of the Hell Riders being pulled into Avernus with all the people within, aided refugees in the travel to the neighboring city safely and protected those who she could upon arrival from thieves, thugs and the like. It was during this time, she met the other members of The Dauntless Few. Having been aided by them, she was convinced by them to join their cause in freeing the home city of the Hell Riders from the depths of Avernus. Together, they had descended into Avernus, faced numerous devils and demons, destroying them for all time. Not only did she aid in the freeing of the Hell Rider city, the saving of the inhabitants still within it and the souls of all those who have ever been born there. She had also aided in the permanent death of several warlords of Avernus, the saving of an Angel, a Unicorn, destruction of a fiendish contract, the freeing of numerous innocent souls trapped within Avernus but also the redemption of the Arch Angel Zariel as well. All this when she was but 19 years of age.   Upon the restoration of the Arch Angel, Zariel, she was faced with a new monumental task. The rebuilding of the Hell Riders, the defense of her home city, the protection of it in it's severely weakened state and the destruction of evil where ever she came upon it. Such a heavy burden for any one to have, let alone a 19 year old woman. Still, with the aid of her allies she did just that and so very much more. The Hell Riders had her as their leader, a position appointed by none other than the Arch Angel Zariel herself. Later she became the leader of the Holy Army of Protos Naos and a key advisor for the Kings of the Barbarian Hordes.     To this day, many paladins see her as a great role model for themselves and young aspirants alike. Yet any who she calls a friend will tell you she prefers to be called by her first name and not her title. She is quite humble despite her accomplishments and is always willing to hear the thought of others in regards to key decisions needing to be made. Often she will be seen, checking on the other Paladins of her order or of the Holy Army and helping in even the most menial of tasks while conversing with those under her command from the most veteran of Paladins to the youngest of Squires. She will always offer spiritual guidance or advice when asked and opinions on matters that may seem trivial but again, only when asked. Her followers know they can approach her with anything.
Lawful Good
Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Bright Blue
Shoulder length, straight, dark brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light Tan

Character Portrait image: Pally Ol'Pal by Baniamino Bradi


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