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The Redeemer

Commander of The Hell Riders. This title was created upon the second founding of the Hell Riders. This was needed as the Hell Riders were leaderless after their first assault into Avernus which they had lost, taking massive losses and nearly going extinct. Only a handful of Hell Riders were spared and one of them, Reya Mantlemorn, found their once great city pulled into Avernus itself a few years later. With only so very few who were not in the city when first pulled into Avernus, they tried to gather any survivors seeking refuge and guide them to a neighboring city. Reya later met a group of adventurers calling themselves "The Dauntless Few". She joined them in helping her fellow refugees and upon discovering what became of her once great city, they made the journey into Avernus to set it, and any survivors within, free from the grasp of hell. After many narrow deaths and the destruction of scores of fiends, they had succeeded. Upon their return to the mortal realm with the city, they found the remaining survivors scattered and leaderless. One survivor took up the call but the city and it's people lacked any defense and it's economy was non-existent. Reya once again answered the call of duty and set about escorting refugees back to their homes and the recreation of the Hell Riders with the first few being among the former refugees. Although progress was slow, it was fruitful. The Hell Riders aided in the re-establishment of their city and serve as it's holy warriors, protectors, guardians and launch offensive attacks against any fiends found in the mortal realm with occasional incursions into Avernus to destabilize the forces there fighting the Blood War.


Must be a Paladin sworn to a Good god/goddess and member of the Hell Riders.


Rank is given to the individual from the Arch Angel Zariel and unanimous declaration of all other Hell Riders.


Defense of Arelia against all demonic and infernal infiltration and attacks.


Training, recruiting and deployment of all Hell Riders.
Religious, Military
Form of Address
Commander, Redeemer
Equates to
Lord Commander
Source of Authority
Arch Angel Zariel
Length of Term
Lifetime or until retirement
Current Holders
Related Locations
Related Organizations


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