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Welcome to the Hell Riders recruits! Welcome to your first day in Hell Rider training! First and foremost, know this: Faith in the gods is the only way you will make it out of here successfully. Otherwise, you are doomed to fail. It is we, along with others in the Legio Custodes, who form the last line of defense against the Demons of the Abyss and the Devils of the Nine Hells. This is not for those who find battle "unsuitable" for themselves. This is not a place for the faint of heart. We also serve as the noble protectors of the holy city of Protos Naos! We do NOT rule here nor anywhere! We SERVE the people of faith. Understanding this requires great humility. Know this recruits, pride shall be your downfall and destruction. You shall learn to put aside all differences of country, race and creed. All that means nothing in the face of total oblivion for that is what awaits us all and all you hold dear should we fail. Here, we celebrate our differences for that is what makes us strong! Our unity in our goal of eliminating the threat once and for all, gods be willing. Make no mistake recruits, until we win the day, each of you WILL face Demons and Devils, their worshipers and the horrors they bring upon their victims. We are all but mortals and as such, fallible. Due to this, it is a sad truth that we cannot save everyone. Some can only be granted the mercy of death, others can only be sent into the darkness they worship. If this unsettles you, leave now. Still here? Very well, let us begin.
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