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High Priest Belzavur Shaldrul

High Priest Belzavur Shaldrul serves as the religious leader of kingdom. The Two Kings often keep close council with him on matters of great importance. He leads all religious ceremonies for the castle and those within and speaks to the other priests of the realm regarding the welfare of the souls of the kingdom on a regular basis. Should dark forces attempt anything towards or within the kingdom, he will know of it and have plans in place to put a swift and end to it. He is known to see the truth at all times and carries the light of the gods with him always. He is one of the wisest in the realm and despite his vocation is a capable Holy Warrior capable of bringing the wrath of the gods down upon any who threaten his flock. He has a garrison of ten-thousand Paladins and twenty-thousand Clerics at the ready should the kingdom require them.
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