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Cathedral of Saint Rukad the Fierce

This Monastery Cathedral is dedicated to the god Varen. It is the first built within Masgala City in his honor. While it is a place of worship, it is also a place of martial arts and learning the ways of defeating an opponent in battle. As such, while the building proper is used primarily for worship and ceremonies, the outer courtyard is where one will find most of his followers practicing their craft. The courtyard is large and warded as it is used for trials of combat and techniques only taught to devout followers of Varen. It is rumored that weapons of great power are kept within its walls for the day they are most needed but only followers of Varen may wield them.    The Monastery Cathedral was named in honor of Saint Rukad the Fierce, a devout follower of Varen and a master of martial arts. Rukad fought along side many of the heroic warriors in the initial war against the fiends and demons when their portals first opened into our plane known today as the War of the Souls. Using his skills of all forms of martial arts techniques to slay demons and devils alike in swaths with every strike. His movements a blur of death and destruction. It was not until the end of the battle that Rukad was finally slain by the enemy and even then, destroying 5 Demon Lords and 7 Pit Fiends before finally succumbing to his wounds. His soul was claimed instantly by his god, Varen and his body returned to his comrades who laid him to rest within the catacombs of his namesake Monastery Cathedral. It is said, he guard that hallowed ground with many other holy warriors who have passed and have since been laid to rest at his side. With these mighty warriors within, woe be unto the poor fool who attempts to defile it's sacred grounds.
Cathedral / Great temple

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