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High Mage Lilosira Alduashtath

High Mage Lilosira Alduashtath ( Lilo to her friends) is an Arch Mage in the Lazurite Academy. She is a master of the arcane arts and extremely intelligent. She is also a curious individual as she is constantly conducting magical research or experiments during her free time. She has practiced magic for over 377 years and is one of the foremost authorities on all matters of the arcane. She is also good friends with both Kings of Ameriel. She is one of the Founders of the Lazurite Academy and is the Arch Mage of Evocation within the academy. She is also skilled in the other schools of magic as well as she believes that each spell has a purpose and use and must be taken advantage of. An excellent teacher and mentor to students of magic she is always willing to impart knowledge for those she finds with potential to become great mages.
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