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Lamp Lighters

The advent of Arcanix technology brought with it many advances that most today would take for granted, including the Light Crystal powered lamps found in many of the major cities of Taeva. As such, hardly anyone gives any thought to the fact that the Light Aether Crystals used to power these lamps eventually burn out, and need to be replaced. Such a task falls to the Lamp Lighters, and while their work may not be appreciated by most, they still remain a vital part in maintaining the modern world many Taevans have come to enjoy.



A Lamp Lighter must have knowledge of the workings of Aether Lamps and how to maintain them, as well as the layout of the city they're assigned to.



Lamp Lighters are tasked with maintaining and repairing the Aether Lamps found throughout many major cities, themselves a vital yet overlooked part of modern infrastructure.

Social Status

Since they're seen so irregularly, and since their work isn't as dramatic as that of the typical Arcanist, not much thought is given to the Lamp Lighters by the common folk.


Lamp Lighters are often hired from among the common folk of the cities.



All Lamp Lighters carry modified Light Aether Crystals with them, which they use to replace burned out or damaged crystals in Aether Lamps.

Dangers & Hazards

Compared to the risks of working with Aetherite faced by Arcanists, the work of a Lamp Lighter is considerably low risk. They are still at risk of injury, either due to being burned by the Light Aether Crystals they work with, or falling while working on Aether Lamps in higher places, though these risks are thankfully easily avoided with proper training and awareness.
Lamp Lighters are a common sight around large cities
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