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Unified Streetcleaners Association

A clean street is a blessing from Her.



The simple desire to help your fellow citizen, maintain order, and provide an essential service in the Capitals. The USA will accept any citizen who is capable of the physical labour, understanding the Term of Refernces, and the Association By-laws.
The ranks of the USA are filled with any number of any species. Certainly, many of the uplifted species do not find their way into the ranks of the USA, as there are often better career options, but those that do are a dedicated, hardworking and lawful bunch of people. Just all the other evolved members of the USA.

Career Progression

When a citizen first begins their career they spend a significant time on the streets cleaning. For many, this is a sufficient career progression. They enjoy the daily interactions with citizens, depending on their shift. They enjoy the benefits of challenging and rewarding physical labour. Many members of the USA are very fit due to the high physical demands of street cleaning as a profession, and the rather lean diet the tends to be the preferred diet for USA members. 
Of course, if a member is seeks more administrative, management or policy focused employment with the USA, the association provides ample opportunity for advancement in the form of bi-annual equal access competency exams. These exams, along with a series of interviews, help guarantee that the member is selected for the right assignment. Each year the USA is happy to advance a significant percentage of members to career assignments better suited to their needs and the needs of the USA.

Payment & Reimbursement

Each member of the USA is paid in the form of a salaried honorarium. This honorarium is dispersed bi-weekly or monthly, depending on the member preference, and bonuses, along with the occasional gifts of appreciation, are assigned.
Members can accept their honorarium in any valued format. Realm coin is typical, and many choose to have their honorarium directly deposited into one of the many USA trusted financial institution. Some members have rather large honorariums, and appreciate the security and safety that such legal and secure arrangements afford.

Other Benefits

There are many benefits to becoming a Streetcleaner and joining the Association. Aside from the opportunity to meet citizens of the Realm and develop life long relationships with them through your day. You are an independent worker. You can determine how and whom you work with. Assigned sections of cities are awarded to streetcleaners their teams, but the manner in which they complete their assignment is at their discretion. Of course, mindful of the USA by-laws.
Additionally, as the USA is operational in every capital and the majority of Realm cities, members have the opportunity to see the Realm through the process of transferring their contract to another city. Many members have taken advantage of this benefit. Some have transferred to raise families. Some have transferred to improve their standard of living. And, some have transferred just to increase their work experience in preparation of the bi-annual advancement exams.
Another really great perk that members receive is medical costs coverage. If a member it injured or becomes ill, the USA will provide 100% medical cost coverage. Sometime accidents happen or members are so dedicated that they work ... too much, and the USA understands that these issues greatly impact the capacity of the association to maintain it's high standards of street cleanliness.



The USA has the single and sole purpose of maintaining clean streets for all citizens.

Social Status

Citizens of the Realm neither respect, nor be little the USAers. They are an accepted service for those who desire to work and live in the cities of the Realm. No parent will ever advise their children to join the USAers. But, many in need of a livelihood will. 
If you're an elf and a USAer, you're charge.


Streetcleaners have been an established profession for almost as long as the Realm has existed.  Streets needed cleaning. The profession was not formalized into the Unified Streetclearners Association until its ratification by statutes in the year 52,436Rs. There have been other organizations, unions, cartels, etc that have managed the profession of street cleaning, but the USA seems to be having a good run as they have successfully survived for the last 5000 years. 
In recent history previous to the USA there was:

The Collected Varied Professional Streetcleaners - CVPS
Integrated Streetcleaners Consortium - ISC



Each member is responsible for purchasing, maintaining and determining the best tools required to complete their assigned city section. One of the services that members have provided each to each other, and which is maintained, is the Cleaner's Library, as collection of advice regarding methods, tools and hazards from more experienced Cleaners.


The streets.

Provided Services

Street cleaning.

Dangers & Hazards

Various hazards may occur while Cleaners complete their assigned sections. Each city and each city section has its own unique considerations that Cleaners must be mindful of while working.
Alternative Names
Cleaners (chosen), Hosers (negative), USAers.
Public Services
This profession is sanctioned as essential by Realm Strictures.


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