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Az-Atla Realm of the Lost Moon

Forty Five of the Fifty Seventh Rs

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For over 50,000 years, Az-Atla has existed. Never fallen and ever-growing under the care of the Devouring Mother. She has crafted civilization from the ruins of time. She has nurtured the discovery of wisdom, technology and magical wonders for her civilization. Az-Atla is a vibrant land where those citizens who work hard will live well. This is the promise.
Certainly, there are those who do not desire to receive the gifts and bounty that the Devouring Mother provides, but thankfully there are the civil authorities to deal with such malcontents. And, should the need arise there are also the Paragons who not only teach the Law, but ultimately enforce the will of the Devouring Mother.

Welcome, to the world of Az-Atla a reborn ancient world ruled by a living Demi-Goddess who will be taking your living Breath. Dare you challenge her laws?
Dare you explore her secrets? Become Outcasts?
Or, will you become one of her Paragons of glory and uphold the peace and Law of the Devouring Mother?
Or, perhaps you will choose your own way as one Reborn to the world from times long ago.

Choose. To work hard, or suffer.  

Discover a Secret

Roll the Dice
0I've seen them. In the deep. Monsters. That is why no one has been to the bottom of the Circle Sea.
1It fell from the sky long ago, and then the Orcs found it. At least, that's what they say.
2She came last year and she was beautiful. Three of our young men just offered themselves to her. Such love.
3You don't talk with Abomination. That's how it gets you. You kill it. Simple.
4I told the Instructor of Penance what I saw, you're sister should have known better. You should have known better.
5My Nanda said that there used to be three moons. She's stupid. Arjal says she's for the Faid.
6The Pinnacle has always been there. Right in the heart of the Realm.
7Militia-man Korbo, the Orc, he won't tell, if you cut him in.
8No one dies in Az-Atla, but Citizens ares still born. Who knows were all the Faided are?
9Some say that for as long as there has been the Realm, there has been Abomination.
10Elves and trees? Of sure, all the time. It's like they are the same thing almost.
11Archos still look for ancient things. Dragon bones, lost places .... its all out there.
12I heard a rich man say there was more then one key to Skala-tuq.
13Everything built in Az-Atla is built upon the bones of something else.
14What you think is new, is known.
15Citizens don't know what they don't know. That is the way to peace and prosperity.
16People still whisper. Because, there are things that still need whispering.
17Wardens guard the safe ways through Nur-ymir. Not so much those that go with them.
18Abomination is best killed with fire. Everyone knows this.
19Gods are Gods. You pray and you watch. Nothing strange will happen. It doesn't work that way.
20Clerics, Priests, and Paladins. Just another word for Paragon.
21The Medicament Brotherhood has records older then most cities.
22Gandor is worshiped by Abomination. They are her children.
23Secrets are more .... statements of possibility.
24Truehome is not the birthplace of the Elves. It's their jail.
25We don't pray to the Devouring Mother, because she is not a God. She's us.
26Some where, some one knows what's really going on. Because, Uthar'Fra the Red sure doesn't.
2713 of the great weapons were lost.
28I've seen Kerta, the Orc, kill three people in a pub with a writing quill.
29Outriggers see with their senses, not their eyes.
30I met a Pioneer once. I pissed myself when they asked me how much for a glass.
31The Orcs hide a secret deep in their homeland. A secret from the sky.
32There is another Glaze. The underGlaze.