Querenth, the pearl of the republic, city of kings, city of emperors, city of a thousand names. The biggest city in all of Mithra holds many secrets, how could it otherwise after being abandoned and rebuild countless times. One of the wonders of the inner city is the sewer and sanitation system that runs parallel to the catacombs. Made in the first era, this type of system is old, and most Malen cities have changed up the formula a whole lot over the past millennia. But the Querenthi system is so large and strangely complicated that there has been no, money, incentive, or person skilled enough, to improve much on these systems. The old male systems have been described as being complicated but strangely elegant, and they still work fine to this day. However, sometimes it is known to clog up. And when it does, or when something else is wrong with it, the tubekids are called in.  


Many orphans live on the streets of Querenth. Not so many live in the inner city, but many still do. Some of these kids have had to resort to crawling through sewer pipes. These "Tubekids" are hired for a few measly coins by rich Querenthers to unclog their sewer, rescue their puppy from the sewer, or do anything else related to the sewer. This is an incredibly filthy, and often dangerous job. Infections are almost guaranteed if you scratch yourself, and as an orphan, you can't go anywhere except to criminals or a fixer. This has lead to pimp-like criminals who take a part of the profits from a group of these tubekids, after which they give them protection and have their wounds fixed if it's not too bad. That's the idea at least, usually, orphans are cheap while antibiotics are expensive.

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