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Protectors of Historical Documents

A shadowed room full of scattered books and parchment, carts of tools tucked in corners, is the home of an elderly Elven man, his profession coveted but yet somewhat unappreciated. Few will ever wander here for a visit or to ask for the knowledge that the man so freely shares. While his craftsmanship speaks for itself, no one cares to seek out the man behind the book bindings or the preserved parchment.   With a well-organized cart, a Dwarf woman makes her way through the towering rows of books and scrolls, lightly brushing spines here and there. Her trained eye notes damage and rot, loose bindings, and deteriorating parchment. Those in the worst shape will find a temporary home in the cradled safety of her cart, waiting for her trained hands to save them from their rotting bindings.   Tucked away in castles and academies, one may find the Archivists of the world, those that serve by preserving, keeping the detailed histories of the world alive with their work. While they may not be Storytellers or Librarians, the faces of history in these places, the Archivists are the silent few that work behind the scenes and make the faces appear so flawless.



Due to the precise nature of conservation and preservation that Archivists do, qualifications to become one are far from simple. One must be chosen by the Archivists' Guild to attend special classes in techniques such as Book Binding, Parchment Preservation, and Magical Conservation. After a period of studying of at least five years, one can be certified by the guild as an Archivist, allowing one to complete this type of work for a variety of organizations.

Career Progression

Becoming a certified Archivist is just the first step in a career in this field. Throughout the year, the Archivists' Guild offers a variety of classes across Vóreios that lets people expand their knowledge and become certified in new and more difficult techniques. These certifications often open up the ability to become the Archivist of an empire or kingdom, preserving the history for the ruler of said place. Because of the nature of this work, continuing education is common and considered a necessary part of remaining an Archivist.



Archivists are conservators and preservation specialists that focus on the preservation and conservation of various historical documents and artifacts. This work can often lead to historical items, such as books, scrolls, and other items, surviving long past the normal lifespan of such an object. For many kingdoms and empires, this work is seen as extremely vital due to the long-lived nature of many of the ruling factions in the world.

Social Status

While being an Archivist is an important role, few people throughout Vóreios have ever met one, let alone spoken to one. Even so, people that work as Archivists are held in high esteem, and often held to the same status as someone close to a king or emperor. In most kingdoms and empires, the Archivist of that place is seen as someone worthy of being part of the ruler’s council or inner circle, a status not allowed to just anyone.



Archivists use a variety of specialty tools to perform conservation and preservation duties. Very rarely will you see these tools outside of an Archivist’s cart, but in some instances the same tools may be used by specialty bookbinders or Librarians. Because of the delicate and time-consuming processes done by the Archivists, the secrets of their tools are not shared outside of the Archivists' Guild or the Dwarves that are tasked with making them.

Provided Services

Depending on who the Archivist works for and the certifications they have completed, the services they can provide vary heavily. All Archivists are certified in simple Book Binding, Parchment Preservation, and Magical Conservation, but those that have greater experience may offer other services such as Magical Transference, Scroll Reconstruction, and others.
Archivists Guild
Archivists’ Guild Emblem by Crest via Emblem Creator, created by RiverFang
Archivists are considered to be part of an honored profession, one that deals with the preservation and conservation of the world's history. Few can deny the necessity of those that do this work as it is something that benefits all.
Alternative Names
Preservation Specialists
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