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Maintenance Worker


Payment & Reimbursement

They are often payed quite well by the government or the private organization that hired them due to the necessity of their work. The decent wages encourages quality jobs and a willingness to report to work for unexpected situations.

Other Benefits

If the individual is lucky enough to be working on a building they are sometimes allowed to reside inside for the length of their stay.


Social Status

Unfortunately maintenance workers have a poor reputation in the eyes of the general public. Their job of maintaining a status quo in appearances and upkeep works against them. While they can be seen working, they are viewed as not contributing much to society. The average individual values obvious results such as providing products or direct interactions with others, over the background low-key workers.


Provided Services

Maintenance workers provide the daily upkeep of structures and locations. They do simple repairs to bridges, buildings, docks, statues, and general use public places. These things can include:
  • Filling pot holes in public roads and spaces
  • Clearing fallen trees, dirt, and rock from roads
  • Repairing cracks in cement on statues and structures
  • Fixing leaks
  • Replacing rotted out wood boards and pillars
  • Cleaning out ash and debris from public fire pits rebuilding them if necessary
  • Repair and replace fencing
They will also cut down and manage the grasses and shrubs in these locations. These repairs and general upkeep prevent these places from falling into decay and becoming over grown.

Dangers & Hazards

A relatively low hazard profession compared to others. Most injuries are simply cuts and bruises, but there have been rare cases of lost digits. The most dangerous tasks are when the individual is sent to less traveled roads and bridges. These locations leave the workers vulnerable to attacks leading to requests for protection.
Public Services

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