Rat Chasers

"Catch anything in the sewers as of late? Me neither, don't know if that means business is going well or it's about to be very bad. Lets just hope whatever it is That we can at least get a break for once. Maybe I can finally go to one of my girls performances for once."   ~ Unknown Rat Catcher



The Rat Catcher's main purpose is to keep the sewers free from vermin and other nesting creatures. It initially didn't pose much danger accept the exposure to different virulent diseases. Eventually creatures started to encroach into the sewers seeking refuge and easy access to prey and food. Rat Catchers were now tasked not only with keeping rats out of the sewers but now slaying other creatures that are intruding.

Social Status

Rat Catchers are seen as a blue collar job that's filthy and not done any proper gentleman.


During the last census only 5 percent of the population is a Rat Catcher.



The tools of the Rat Catcher depends on the sewers they are scouring. Sewers closer to the shore have rafts if planks or cross bridges are not prevalent in the sewer. In addition, weaponry has been becoming more common in the Rat Catchers arsenal. Some cities don't offer standard weaponry and protection for the Rat Catchers so they have to supply their own.


Any sewer system of the cities and the tunnels that lead to the dumping site, and a half mile radius from the pipe entrance.

Provided Services

The Rat Catchers provide a sense of security and an clear out the sewers of man made and natural hazards.

Dangers & Hazards

The inherent dangers of being a Rat Catcher is the creatures that encroach into the sewers. Other hazards include exposure to diseases the most common disease is Hepatitis A.
Alternative Names
Sewer Crawler


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