The term "Metalworker" is ordinarily a fairly nebulous one, however, in practical usage within Human territory, the meaning is clear. Although there have long been men within Humanity who had devoted themselves to the working of different metals, their methods differ greatly from the men and women in question.   "Metalworker" is applied primarily to psionically gifted individuals, those who are best able to use magic to affect the world around them. While many of the most talented individuals are trained to become Threadfinders, many more are raised to harness their powers for the advancement of industry.   Harnessing their psychic connections, the Metalworkers use their powers to separate different minerals from mined ores, at the most basic level, and to shape and construct ships or parts of ships, at the more complex levels. Although not being the only construction workers on naval arsenals by far, they are the most crucial, and in large numbers can greatly speed up progress on work there.   The vocation of Metalworkers depends on where exactly in Humanity they live. Some factions prefer extreme freedom of movement and freedom of choice when it comes to one's profession. In such societies, Metalworking might be chosen by individuals as a path that they will pursue, although the skills and expertise are not typically so easily learned.   Meanwhile in more stringent societies, those with the necessary psionic abilities are often scheduled for such a path at birth, raised in order to develop the necessary skills and know-how to function and excel as a Metalworker- and such a path is similar for the Threadfinders, as well. For these societies, being born with such abilities and getting raised for this profession can often be a means of advancement for the less well-off families, as such jobs typically pay very well. Metalworkers also are typically immune from enslavement, as their job is a mentally and physically taxing and exhaustive one, in which poor conditions do not facilitate good work. That combined with their essential nature, low number, and extreme output when compared to the typically construction worker makes them much more highly valued.


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