Magic, as one might call it, exists in Johorne. Through the connection with the "The World of Souls," humans (And other sapient species) can manage to conjure seemingly supernatural events from thin air. Channeling through their mind the energies of other dimensions, individuals can materialize elements and will into this world.


Through the literal consciousness or soul of the individual, the raw extra-dimensional energies are pulled in to the material plane of existence in the form that the conjurer had desired it to (If all goes well, that is).


Although the method for the realization of magic is universal, different cultures have attributed different actions to reaching this power, from religious devotion to ritual sacrifice. Something important to note is that some individuals have a sort of "Magic Resistance" where they weaken the ties of those around them to the "World of Souls," thereby lessening the effects of magic on them, relatively speaking.

Metaphysical, Supernatural


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