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An herbalist can be found in most small villages.  Providing herbal remedies, healing wisdom, and other support and aid to their community.  They are less likely to be found in larger town, and rarely, if ever, to be found in cities.



Typically an herbalist is a woman, but exceptions are not unknown.  Knowledge of herb-craft is required, which they are taught during their apprenticeship.  Knowledge of non-herb based healing and midwifery are common, and often expected, but not strictly required for the profession.

Career Progression

An herbalist will look to their community to find a promising young girl to take on as an apprentice.  The apprentice herbalist will train at the side of the elder herbalist until she reaches adulthood.   Upon reaching a journeyman status at adulthood, the young herbalist will begin their walk-about, during which they travel to nearby villages to learn from other elder herbalists, and offer aid in villages without an herbalist.    After completing their walk-about, the young herbalist returns to their home village.  At this point the young herbalist can either take over the village practice for the elder herbalist, or petition for acceptance as the herbalist for one of the villages they visited during their walk-about.

Payment & Reimbursement

Herbalists are payed in trade, goods, and services.  As an important part of their community, they can rely upon their village neighbors to lend them aid when they are in need.   Strangers and adventurers are expected to pay for an Herbalists aid in silver or service.

Other Benefits

An Herbalist is held in high regard within the village that she practices herbalism.  Often being a respected member of the village elders council.  Some are even known by the villages nearest to their home village.



Amongst the common folk that they serve, they are seen as healers and sources of wisdom.

Social Status

As a commoner's profession, herbalists are held in little regard by the nobility and the wealthy.  Those who live in cities tend to prefer the services of Loremasters, little knowing that Loremasters learned in the ways of healing typically have gained that knowledge from studying under an elder herbalist.


settlements of village size or smaller often have one herbalist, with the possibility of an apprentice being present as well.


Herbalism as a profession was known to humanity before their arrival in the Bright Lands.  Their exact roll in the Old World is lost to time and the passage of centuries.  Contact with the Elves brought a deeper understanding of local flora to the first herbalists in this land.



sickle, mortar and pestle, hot water for tea.


Herbs, various and sundry.


A small, dry, warm hut filled with the aromas of drying herbs.

Provided Services

herbal remedies for many illnesses, healing and poultices, midwifery, wisdom, advice and guidance.
Alternative Names
Herb Witch
Strong in small villages
Some cities, and a few towns, have outlawed herbalists in preference to Loremasters, but the profession is perfectly legal in most places.
Spices by Monicore

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