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Delivery Driver

Delivery men you say? These people who drive against the law, at inappropriate speeds, all that to deliver the package in a pitiful state and late on top of that .... We should regulate a bit more the recruitment of these jobs.
Speech on driving in Paris (2038), Françoise Bigot
  Delivery drivers are in charge of transporting goods from one place to another. They deliver by car, scooter, helicopter in Paris, its suburbs or the countryside. There are as many different delivery drivers as there are different deliveries. Most of them are hired by production or retail companies to make deliveries but there are an increasing number of private delivery companies. Those are often at the limit of legality, they transport goods without knowing what it is really...  

The Increase of Deliveries

Percentage of deliveries
The percentage of goods delivered has increased significantly between the 30s and 50s. From 12% in 2020 to over 90% in 2090. Most of the big brands have closed their shop but their sales have not reduced. All sales are made online with delivery. The only shops still open in Paris are luxury stores, pharmacies and food shops.

Risks of the Job

Even if the job of a delivery driver may seem very simple at first, we quickly realize the problems when we talk to them: delivery times too short, customs clearance (intra/extra muros, gang) and deliveries in sensitive districts. According to recent studies, delivery drivers are more likely to be assaulted in the course of their work than police officers, and they are also very likely to suffer burnout (just behind the medical profession). In spite of this, the number of delivery drivers is constantly increasing and more and more drivers are becoming self-employed.
Alternative Names
Private Delivery Company
  • Uber Things
  • TTF
  • Speedoo
  • Josiac SARL

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Cover image: by Viktor Pietrzykowski


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