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Corporate white-collar worker

A corporate white-collar worker is the most common type human of employment in the 22nd century. There is a large varity of office occupations that fall into this category such as adminestration, accountancy, customer support, market research, finance, human resources and marketing.



The average corporate white-collar worker job almost always filled by a corporate citizen that has been prepeared and shaped for such a position thier entire life by thier corporation and it's corporate education system.
While generaly an above average education is attained in such a corporate education system only a basic education is required to fill the vast majority of corporate white-collar positions.
The corporate education's main focus is to engrain the company's values and ensure loyalty towards it.

Payment & Reimbursement

While corporate white-collar workers have very long shifts and work weeks (up to 14 hours a day, 6 days a week), thier pay is low. A reason cited for this is that usually a corporate housing is provided with it and discounts in corporate owned grocers are given. Often, especially in corporate arcologies and similar housing projects, wages are payed in a corporate scrip instead of credits.
Critics have complained that corporations offer these "perks" to ensure an emploies dependence on the corporation. Similarly they say that issueing corporate scrip, which is only accepted at corporate stores, is a scheme to keep the money in a closed loop inside the corporation.


Social Status

The term corporate white-collar worker is a corporate speak euphemism to describe the bottom most rank(s) of the corporate hierachy and excludes any management, executive and other higher-up positions.
Outside the corporate bubble people working in these positions are called either corporate drones or corporate slaves due to exploitative nature of thier working conditions.
Alternative Names
Corporate Drone, Corporate Slave

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