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Exterminator are tasked with the momentous task of pest control in Ethnis. Due to the size and nature of many of Ethnis' pests, exterminators usually warrant being their own branch of the military, with different specializations for the various creatures and pets.

Serving as an Exterminator to a dangerous pest carries almost as much esteem as being a war hero. It is not a profession with many elderly members. The average career length is five years, after which you become an officer and can specialize into more exciting/challenging roles—flamethrower, scout, munitions, extraction, and so forth.



Scouts have the difficult task of combing through all of the most difficult places to reach in search of pests, nests, and containment breaches. If they find anything, they report it back.


Builders straddle the line of Exterminator, as they often take many other roles in society beyond helping Exterminators repair the damage done by pests.

Monster Hunters

Monster Hunters focus on tracking and killing particularly dangerous pests and species, such as the larger Rut which overtake a town, Sazakraht, and more


The origin of the term, Psiolic are casters who specialize in Auric Scrubbing and fighting Shades and Demons.


This guy gets to carry the flamethrower. This is the guy on the recruitment poster who half of everyone pictures themselves becoming.


This guy gets to carry the explosies. Everyone else pictures themselves becoming that.


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