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Dimmers, or officially sun crystal disposers, are tasked with disposing of extinct sun crystals. On the chain of valued professions, they are just above night-soil men, for at least they don't smell like human excrement, but their appearance is often frightening. 

Disposal of Sun Crystals

While dimmers are greatly looked down upon, for nobody would really want such a occupation especially considering the physical disfigurement which results from it, they are vital to society. Extinct sun crystals do not only lose their ability to repel malevolent creatures, which on its own is already detrimental, but also start to emit a noxious current which causes harm to the living. For this reason, most governments and several independent organisations employ people to dispose of the crystals. The pay is decent for the type of work performed, and people from the lower social classes sometimes prefer it above less well-paid professions.

Profession Hazard

Since working with extinct sun crystals exposes dimmers to the dangerous currents, they often suffer from flare sickness. Chronic illness can lead to necrotic blister formation and loss of sight. Dimmers often suffer from bad scarification, an amputated finger or two and sometimes even a whole limb, and clouded eyes.
When symptoms become severe, dimmers are often given paid sick leave for about a week or two, which is enough time for the employee to recover sufficiently to start working again. This is more profitable for organisations than hiring a new employee when one of their dimmers has been deemed unfit for work due to the illness, as a fine needs to be paid to the government when this is the case.

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