Grave Diggers

The family needs to move on but that's not my business. My business is the soul. How do I help them move on? That's the question you should be asking.
— Anonymous Grave Digger
  Grave Diggers have been working for millennia.  The living often resent a Grave Digger's work, especially the distance they create between the living and the dead.  They stand between a life lived and the doors to the end.   But the living avoid Grave Diggers for other reasons, too.  The greatest and most common is a fear that bad luck will befall a person who walks beside a Grave Digger.  Crossing paths, you're fine.  Walking away, also ok.  But walk side by side and your days are considered marked.   But all of this mistrust does not leave Grave Diggers lonely.  Many Grave Diggers still have families, some of whom are also seen as marked by societies standards. Unfortunately, this can cause tension when a Grave Digger's family goes to market to sell their wares.   In addition to the love of a partner, Grave Diggers, the whole lot of them, have Glow Dogs as their daily companions. Glow Dogs are cuddly in home but in the field is where they truly shine. Their tails can light a 20 ft radius. Well trained Glow Dogs can light up on command. They are also very good diggers. In fact, most Grave Diggers train their Glow Dogs to dig deep holes.   Grave Diggers and their Glow Dogs create homes in local cemeteries and graveyards for the fallen. They bless the land by calling upon the many blessings of Basi and the cycle of life and death to keep the souls safe on their journeys out of this world and into the next.   While oftentimes a thankless job, many Grave Diggers don't mind.  
It keeps us out of people's business and it keeps people out of ours ... until their time comes, anyway.
— Anonymous Grave Digger
Still Weaving by Self

Future Edits

Replace Still Weaving by Self with a watercolor piece of a freshly dug grave with flowers blooming all around it.


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