Glow Dogs

Until a century ago, Glow Dogs did not exist. They were simply wild dogs living in the Webbed Forest. Much like squirrels, Glow Dogs buried their food for safe keeping. When magic overtook the land, a group of wild dogs fur grew into a green and brown coat. Their tails developed a small bulb that can glow.   Due to their energetic nature, Glow Dogs are best suited for work that involves excessive running or digging. While Glow Dogs have a history of living in the wild and are well suited to inclement weather, most care takers prevent their Glow Dogs from working in heat or extreme weather conditions. Only in the last 7 or 8 decades have Glow Dogs been raised as companions for sentient species.  


There are three professions that seek out Glow Dogs as companions and familiars. Grave Diggers raise Glow Dogs to keep spirits at bay and dig graves. Their tails provide light for evening work. In a similar way, farmers keep Glow Dogs to prepare the land for seeding. Their glowing tail allows farmers to work later into the evening. Magic Users (mages, witches, and more) tend to keep the runts as familiars. While Glow Dogs aren't particularly combative, Glow Dog familiars are less so.   In addition to digging and glowing, there are two very important tasks that Glow Dogs complete for their companions. They are both excellent travel buddies and cuddlers.


Glow Dogs require a moderate amount of training. All owners will train them to ignite their tail's glow on command. From there, the types of training varies depending on work paths. For example, a Grave Digger will train a Glow Dog to dig deep, while a Farmer or Mage may train their Glow Dogs to dig shallower straight paths.  


While relatively low maintenance, Glow Dogs require two forms of grooming on a weekly basis. Their paws must be checked for sharp objects: thorns, splinters, etc. Additionally, their glow sac needs to be massaged for 5-10 minutes every week.  


Glow Dogs tend to live 8-12 years. They require 3-9 months of training depending on age, acuity, and temperament. They can work anywhere from 6-10 years depending on labor, stress, and the dog's predisposition.
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