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Goblin Sanitation Engineers

The Corp of Goblin Sanitation Engineers, or SaniCorp has been around for longer than the Empire. The plucky little goblins of the Corp insure that things in the Fomorian Empire as well as the Fomorian Navy remain sanitary. They clean toilets and process the waste into compost, they run sewers beneath the great cities of Elatha with directed Gelatinous Cubes that they use to scour passages. They work closely with the Goblin Diggers to insure that the underground homes of the Fomorians do not infringe upon the sewers. They are garbage collectors, recyclers, and plumbers, as well as street sweepers, chimney sweeps, and lamplighters, They are also the fire brigade and the fire marshals who deliver the punishments for fire hazards.



To qualify to join the Corp of Goblin Engineers, a goblette must undergo a period of apprenticeship that can last for as many as 4 years to get one's Journeyman Engineer rating and as many as 10 years as a Journeyman before becoming a Master Engineer

Career Progression

Apprenticeship often begins when the young goblin is 10 or 11 as so to begin their journeyman path when they come of age at 15. An important goblin who has made it to 25 will often be celebrated as a Master Engineer.

Payment & Reimbursement

Most goblin engineers work for the Empire, but Goblin Sanitation Engineers specifically do. The typical apprentice is not paid but rather a tuition is paid to the Union to the tune of 720 gp a year for 4 years. A Journeyman can expect a wage of 3 gp per day or 1080 per year (assuming he works every day). A master can make 5 GP per day and works based on the project he is overseeing.

Other Benefits

The principle benefit in being a Sanitation Engineer is good sanitation, thus cleaner goblins, in your neighbourhood,. However, even if the general populous looks down at a sanitation worker, governments realise how vital they are to the survival of the Fomorian Empire, which affords the average sewer engineer a lot more political capital than would otherwise seem appropriate.



Sanitation Engineers are responsible for the cleanliness of a city. The Corp of Sanitation Engineers is responsible for garbage removal, Fomorian waste removal and repurposing, garbage sorting (into compostable and fill), street cleaning, fire fighting (sort of got tacked on, since they are responsible for the removal of things that cause fires.) Since they are responsible for fighting fires, they are also responsible for insuring safe fire usage, and have been known to levy everything from stiff fines to severe beatings towards those who create fire hazards.

Social Status

Goblin Sanitation Engineers are generally seen as a "Very" lower class profession, though governing bodies understand their signifigance, and treat them (or at least the Union) with proper deference


0.002% of the population of the Fomorian Empire is involved in the sanitation sector.


When the Empire began, it began on Colony Ships of a half million Fomorians being led through long journeys in space by the Prophet Elatha. Elatha assigned 1000 goblins per World Ship with the sole responsibility of cleaning up garbage and waste. As goblins are creative and innovative, when they are not being little savages, many innovations to waste management were founded on those World Ships. When Elatha was questioned by Oltan One-Eye about his deference to the sanitation worker's ideas, Elatha said, "How many have we lost to the diseases of filth? How many trees grow in our gardens fed by the rich soil produced by them? And the staple of our diet, the fish bred in the farms, where would we be if those farms were overrun with garbage and waste? One thing a leader must know is upon whose back does his rule rely on."

Since then, the Goblin Sanitation Corp has been responsible for the reduction in morality rates due to cleaner environments, and innovations such as the sani-wagon and the Water pumper.
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Alternative Names
Sewer Rat
These workers are indispensable to the central workings of the Empire
Other Associated professions


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The poor sanitation worker - always undervalued, always critical to the well-being of us all. Great article, and poor little goblins :)

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