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Ley-Line Siphoner


The land of Isidoro has always been rife with magic, with its mana ebbing and flowing like the tides. The world stored this energy until it was bursting to the brim, before overflowing and enhancing nature with devistating effects. Ley-line siphoners are tasked with following these magical lines under the earth, travelling all across Isidoro with special tools to help pull excess mana from the ground to equalize it and avoid disasters.

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Work Time

Work hours and general employment of a ley-line siphoner are odd. The ley-lines are cleansed in a cycle; each section of the ley-line is vented whenever travel of the area would be easiest, and also allows the natural mana to not be affected all at once. Ley-Line intersections require more interactions, and are often done in a double cycle. The Nexus is even more of a hotspot, requiring close monitoring by a designated set of teams.


  • Physical ability to travel long distances
  • Capable of lifting heavy objects
  • Stable around large wells of mana
  • Must be a team player
To be a member of a ley-line siphon team, there are actually a strict set of requirements that beings have to meet prior to being considered. There are mental, physical, and magical tests that occur to make sure that the individual can handle the workload. Once okay'd by the three teams, they begin their training.


Social Status

While important to the environment many believe it is just a glorified vacation, that all they're doing is wandering around Isidoro while tax money pays them for it. Many do not understand the strain both physically and magically that this occupation puts on the employees being close to such volatile and intense wells of magic. Those aware of what 'Stickers' do often lament they didn't do a good job because of how bad natural disasters are, stating they "should have done their job better", when in fact, the reason the disaster wasn't even more devastating is due to their intervention.


Effects on Environment

Mana ran rampant prior to the creation of ley-line siphoners, and many have lived their life without knowing how this occupation changed Isidoro. Isidoro's mana is often pulled upon when beings use magic, and due to the increase of magic and technology together it is theorized that magic may not be used as often as it used to be--others argue that it's used more. Regardless of this the ley-lines thrum with magical energy and before people set out in an attempt to equalize it, the ley-lines would burst with magical energy. This would cause tremendous shifts in nature, enhancing any acts of nature that occur in the area. Thunder storms can become like tornadoes with horrible windspeeds and damaging lighting strikes, and tornadoes can double in their EF rating.



All ley-line siphoners need their siphons-- the tool used to absorb excess mana in the earth. Each person in a unit carries three (3) siphons, with the total ending up at fifteen (15) with a full group. These items are a mix of metalic supports branded with runes, and chunks of gemstone to absorb the mana--typically quartz due to its abundance. The size of the siphon is built specifically to the agent that will be using them-- the siphons typically come up to about mid-thigh or hip level. If quartz cannot be found in that size, chunks will do as well for the purpose of the tool.
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