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Burrowmen Waste Disposal

Burrowmen have a vital job no one wants any part of, and is often a job that one is sentenced to. Some that do this grow to be proud but most find it to be terrible. They are subsurface trash disposal. They actually using enchanted equipment deliver trash down to the mantel of the planet. This is a relatively clean way to remove the trash and reintegrate the materials into the world, but despite the enchanted protections that their equipment yields, the smell sticks to them for weeks after, and many lose their lives to accidents. The pay for the job is exceptionally high for such a job, but the ultimate waste disposal can even wear down the powerful enchantments on the equipment.    The typical sentence for this task is three to six months as a burrowman. The trash is collected and taken down thrice a week, and typically they work two shift a week. They actually are required to report any odd things such as body parts or contraband that they discover in the trash, which many do not appreciate due to the delay in trash disposal.



The ability to use enchanted equipment

Career Progression

They have an entry level position that exclusively runs trash up and down, shift leaders that coordinate the burrowmen, and the disposal site managers who assign task to the shift leaders.

Payment & Reimbursement

A days work is about 40 gold for entry level workers, shift leaders start at 200, the site managers make 500.

Other Benefits

Due to working with the filth of society and the flaming blood of the earth, the sites often keep a small medical team on hand incase of accidents. If a worker dies on site his family receives the equivalent of one years salary as compensation for the lose.



The disposal of refuse in a way that is sanitary and permanent

Social Status

Often used as a sentence for minor crimes



Environmentally secured exosuit, heat resistant enchantments, heat resistant clothing, a liquid cooling system, and a carrier designed to earth glide.


A building where trash trucks roll in and empty into subsurface carriers.

Provided Services

Trash disposal and community service specialist.

Dangers & Hazards

Exposure to filth, possible equipment failures leading to death via being instantly flashcooked.
There is always need for people to take out the trash

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