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Adaptive Laborer



To join the Adaptive Laborers you have to have achieved at least Bronze Guild Member in any Guild
It is required that you are at least Proficient in one Profession of your choice

Career Progression

Common Laborer

Laboring Gravior

  • Cadet Laborer
    Requirements: Bronze Guild Member.
    Position: Are part of all relatively easy assignments.
  • General Organizer
    Requirements: Silver Guild Knight & Veteran Laborer.
    Position: Responsible for of a group of 3 to 10 Common Laborers.
  • Amateure Laborer
    Requirements: Experience of 1 Year total & at least 2 Different Profession types.
    Position: Take part in all easy & lesser complicated Assignments.
  • Assignment Organizer
    Requirements: 2 Years of General Organizer & 4 Different Profession types.
    Position: Responsible for a Assignment in groups of 3.
  • Veteran Laborer
    Requirements: Experience of 3 Years total & at least 3 Different Profession types.
    Position: Are considered experienced enough to be responsible for lesser- & complicated assignments.
  • Operation Organizer
    Requirements: 1 Year of Assignment Organizer & Gold Guild Knight.
    Position: Responsible for a group of Assignments in a Subregion in groups of 5.
  • Professional Laborer
    Requirements: Steal Guild Member, Experience of 5 Years Total & at least 4 Different Profession Types.
    Position: The Most capable type of Adaptive laborers, reponible for complicated and Dangerous assignments.
  • Regional Organizer
    Requirements: 1 Year of Operation Organizer & Electrum Guild Protegé.
    Position: Responsible for a group of Operations in a Region in groups of 8.

Payment & Reimbursement

Common Laborer

Laboring Gravior

Cadet Laborer
1 Silver a Day
General Organizer
4 Silver a Day
Amateure Laborer
2 Silver a Day
Assignment Organizer
5 Silver a Day
Veteran Laborer
4 Silver a Day
Operation Organizer
6 Silver a Day
Professional Laborer
7 Silver a Day
Regional Organizer
8 Silver a Day


Social Status

Unpopular due to weak representation since assignments usually don't last long. Adaptive Laborers are often viewed as inkompetent and unspecialized Workers rather than the emergency assistance that they really are.


Mostly the poor part of the society and the once who have seen the Adaptive laborers in action join them, due to poor social Status.


The Adaptive Laborers where instated by the First Guild Master of Trade & Travel of Nerones as an emergency response force in times of War and a general imperial Labor Force for Government Projects.



Adaptive Laborers are equipped with a variety of tools which suit there learned professions and similarly fitting leather and linen clothing.


A group of Adaptive Laborers always travels with a supply Train which transports the resources and materials for the current assignment.

Dangers & Hazards

The Profession of an Adaptive Laborer can be quiet hazardous since some, but not all, of there duties consists of Firefighting, Construction Work and general emergency response duty.
Alternative Names
Worker of the Empire, Imp. Serf
Raw Materials Gathering
The Adaptive Labor Force is Part of the Imperial Government and reports to the Local Ruling Guild member.
Assignment Difficulty Types
  • Easy
  • Lesser complicated
  • Complicated
  • Dangerous
A groups of assignments is called an operation.
A group of operations is called a Region operation.

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