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The Shadow Guard

Devs of the Ismat empire do not like thinking about the Nameless, whether it is the monsters and other horrors that live there, or that it is very much a by-product of the empire. Mention of the nameless in polite society is a taboo subject, but ignoring the nameless does nothing to protect dev settlements from the rhakshasas, angry asura hoards, and even Shimistakshahs that wander from there. Absolute hatred for the Ismat Empire is native to the Nameless, so even though it is an area that largely devours itself, it does reach out beyond its borders to ravage settlements of the empire.   It is the duty of the Shadow Guard to watch the Nameless borders. This border army is made up of disgraced soldiers and ex criminals. Consisting of such a variety of violent people, there is not much order to their guardianship. Like the Nameless itself, it is a chaotic mix of individuals who are being punished for past deeds by the empire, and thus it makes sense for them to be positioned so close to the area they are just shy of being banished too themselves.   Most of the areas they protect are towns and villages that are far from the cities and royalty, but should any residents of Nameless reach the larger cities, it is the Shadow Guards that will pay, either with their lives, or by being banished to the nameless.   There is no gratitude for the Shadow guard. Even use of the title Shadow Guard is rarely used. Everyone knows of the Shadow Guard regardless, but they also know that none of them serve willingly. Shadow Guards who die in the the midst of duty are uncelebrated, and are lucky to even be acknowledged. They are seen as fodder, who deserve their fate for their previous mistakes.


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