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Welcome to Adijari. A world of Urumi Swords and Spirit Sorcery. Of Animal Magic. Where almost everyone has a super power that can be developed with dedication and hard work. A world with people one with the air, light, earth or beasts. A world of Karkadan Unicorns and Makara Dragons. It is the setting for 'The Secret of the Zipacna Dragons' which Kirkus review calls "An ambitious fantasy tale that builds an enticing world with simple but effective details."
I recommend choosing one of the four people and following the links through a journey of stories.

I am also learning and experimenting with html and css, so a couple pages might look a little bizarre. Please be patient as I work to make this world the best it can be
S.P. Jayaraj
Dev Elf Amesha Qui-Lahk

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