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"My chosen purpose is to document and share the wonders of my world.
Adijari is as beautiful as it is ugly, and through every word I write I come closer to understanding the grandeur of its infinite tapestry. From my own qui-lahk people and our complex relationships to animals, to the devs who absorb energy from the omniscient sun and moon. From the plethora of spirits worshiped and the immortals who live among us, to the mysterious creatures in the jungles, mountains, and seas. For all of it, I will continue to travel, continue my conversations with mortals and spirits alike, and continue to accept all that life has in store for me as I document my findings."
- Herash of the elephant-lahk tribe.

Welcome to the world of Adijari
Kirkus review calls 'The Secret of the Zipacna Dragons-a tale of Adijari' "An ambitious fantasy tale that builds an enticing world with simple but effective details."
Read the novel to experience the dragon microcosm of Adijari, and check back here as the world around it grows.
About the Author   Satish got his BA from Purdue University and his MFA from Hamline University. Originally from India and now living state side, he spent most of his early years in Oman and the U.A.E. Obsessed with reinventing the mythologies he obsesses over, he is currently re-reading the Mahabharata and enjoying how much it is informing his fiction.

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