Amesha in Adijari
Ameshas have skin of different shades that is akin to Adijari's soils. I have seen ameshas who are black, dark brown, and some with a hue of red. Their hair is as black as coal, though I have heard there are variations that I have yet to see. As part of their connection to the earth, amesha's bodies adapt to best fit the landscape they are in through an innate and unconscious ability of shifting density. These enhancements change to fit the new landscape should they move to new territory. It can take months for their bodies to shift completely from one form to another though frequent travelers are known to adapt faster. Their oneness with the earth is further seen in how their general health reflects the health of the landscape. Ameshas who pass over dead earth feel drained and their soil colored skin will turn grey. But this sensitivity with the earth allows for great ability and variety in earth source magic..Ameshas are so connected to the land that their bodies adjust to the surroundings. Ameshas who travel sometimes cannot even recognize another amesha because they look so different.

Amesha Earch Magic

Amesha's can focus the earth energy within them to change their bodies at will. When it comes to transforming and understanding the vast physical world we walk on, the ameshas are unrivaled. Through what they learn through touch, ameshas are the finest creators I have ever witnessed. They can bring out the finest that the earth has to offer, within the fields of medicine and metallurgy. Medicinal Magic Just by rubbing roots between their fingers, ameshas can figure out the medicinal properties of of what they hold. From potions and salves that heal and enhance, Amesha shamans are the finest healers, not just of fellow ameshas, but of all creatures.  

Metallurgy Magic

  It is miraculous to me that I have seen armor strong enough to withstand blows from axes that are heavier than the armor itself. There is magic in everything, but even so to witness the same materials used by the other three people in the hands of amesha metallurgists. Truly the greatest metal creations known to Adijari are made by them.  

Crystal Magic

    Amesha alchemists are able to tap into the diverse powers within crystals and replicate that energy through their bodies. They become temporary physical manifestations of the crystal. Whether they are healing, crafting, embroiled in a physical feat, or metallurging, using crystals is akin to having a deity guiding their actions towards perfection.

  Originally separate smaller nations, the crown smiths of each nation found reason to usurp the ruling governments to become the united Nation of Seven Smiths.