Elves in Adijari
Elves are very susceptible to weather patterns and prefer to live in places that have a decent amount of year long wind. They have pale to tan colored skin and hair that is either yellow, brown, or red. Within their regular hair they also have slivers of another color. They refer to this as their 'birth color,' as it reflects the season they were born in. The intensity and amount of their birth color hair among their regular hair changes during the year, but it is most vibrant during their birth season. Some elves only have birth color hair. Though this is rare and perceived as beautiful in elven society, these elves do not appear to be exemplary in any other regard.

Elven Atmospheric Magic

Magic is in everything, it is encoded within the very atmosphere which elves can tap into. They have an innate ability to hear this magic and process it through their bodies with their breath. All the following disciplines of elven magic are considered atmospheric.  

Sound Magic

Elves have an uncanny ability to manipulate sound. Some say it is because elves vocal structure is made from coils of wind. This grants them a great range of vocal spells they can cast.  

Channeling Magic

Elves can transform the magic they inhale towards a particular spell. They use this ability to heal or to strengthening all aspects of their body. They can sync themselves with the atmosphere around them to move as easily against the wind as if it were not there.

Sensory Magic

Elves can hone their senses into being perfectly synched with the world. With magic constantly cycling, elves can hear energy signatures. This allows them to track sources of power.

Language Magic

There is a primal language of Adijari that is beyond the other people. Everything living responds to sound and music, even when unaware of its affect. Through song, elves can influence people, animals, and even foliage. Some even know songs that can summon deities.

High Elven Nation

The High Elven Nation is a place of great power and spirituality for the elves. Situated on one of the highest peaks of Adijari, even elves need to go through an initiation to handle the rampant atmospheric magic present there.

Elves and Seasons

When an elf is born, they exhibit traits that bind them to the weather of the time. This is also when they are healthiest, happiest, and some would say most fortuitous. Aside from their regular atmospheric magic ability, their birth season dictates particular paths they can take that they'll excel in.