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Atmospheric Magic

There is a mistaken idea by the other people that elves are empowered by wind. The truth is that there is magic in everything, and elves are bonded to the magic cycling through the atmosphere. They have an innate ability to hear magic in the atmosphere and process it through their bodies They breath this magic in, and depending on how they have honed their bodies, can process this energy in different ways to achieve a variety of outcomes. Most elves choose a discipline or vocation suited to them and hone their magic practice towards it.  

Sound Magic

With their unique ears and vocal structure, from their diaphragm through their throat, voice box and tongues, elves have an uncanny ability to manipulate sound. Some say it is because elves vocal structure is made from coils of wind. This grants them a great range of vocal spells they can cast. Elven music can be euphoric and is so much a part of their culture. There are even towns that identify themselves through a single song that brings a blessing when sung properly. On most days I am grateful for hearing some of these, but there are days when I yearn to hear them again, or to hear them the way only elves can.  

Channeling Magic

Elves can breath in the air and transform the magic in it towards a particular spell through exhalation. Healers are known to use this ability to cool, heat, or bring about restorative properties when used when treating patients. More popular amongst warriors or physical entertainers is a skill known as wind channeling. Elves can breath in the air and transfer its magic into strengthening all aspects of their body. They sync themselves with the atmosphere around them, a skill that is stronger during more violent weather. In these cases when more energy is cycling through them, their strength and speed can easily outweigh that of the other three people. They do this by choosing to travel with the wind, that is to move with it and travel faster, and by manipulating the wind in themselves to seemingly become immune to it to move as easily against the wind as if it were not there.  

Sensory Magic

Elves can hone their senses into being perfectly synched with the world. With magic constantly cycling, elves can hear energy signatures. Some will follow a particular signature to a source, whether it is to a calming river or to areas where the weather is so forceful that the energy is difficult to control. Despite the risks, some even follow these trails into storms that are a catalyst of the energies they need to perform powerful spells.  

Language Magic

It is through my time with elves that I have learned of a primal language of Adijari that is beyond the other people. Learned elven druids know this truth more than anyone, and even they only know fragments of this seemingly infinite language, depending on their training. By the primal laws of creation, everything living responds to sound and music, even when unaware of its affect. Through song, elven druids can influence people, animals, and even foliage. Some even know songs that can summon deities. As with every discipline of magic throughout history, this skill is used benignly and malevolently.


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