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S.P. Jayaraj

Satish Jayaraj | Member Since 6 Jul, 2020
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I am the author of The Secret of The Zipacna Dragons, a tale of Adijari.   An ambitious fantasy tale that builds an enticing world with simple but effective details.- Kirkus Review

Interests & Hobbies

Big into Mythology. I'm familiar with Nordic and Persian mythology and am reupping my knowledge of Indian Mythology by re-reading the Mahabharata. Also into all kinds of folklore.

Favorite Movies

I love the Iron Man and Captain America movies of the Marvel Universe, particularly The Winter Soldier The Guy Ritchie film 'Snatch' always comes to mind when I think of my favorite movies.

Favorite TV Series

Avatar the Last Air Bender and Korra Young Justice season 1 and 2

Favorite Books

His Dark Materials series is a series I will always be learning from. Terry Brooks original 7 Shannara books are what got me interested in writing.

Favorite Writers

Philip Pullman Neil Gaiman

Favorite Games

God Of War. I haven't played 1-3 but I admire everything about 4

Latest Loved work

Zanreer, the Cosmic Warrior

Reincarnation token

Cleansing Magic

Druid's Helper

Golden malaise

Arcana Mutatio


Malun-Chaujun, the Tide of Hansun