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S.P. Jayaraj

Satish Jayaraj | Member Since 6 Jul, 2020
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Author and lover of all things mythological

Welcome to my world! (I always like saying that.) I am a fantasy author and have been building and morphing and adapting Adijari for as long as I can remember- and that really is no exaggeration. World Anvil has allowed me to really nail down and develop my ideas exponentially.  Everything comes down to story for me, so until there is a good story behind an aspect of my world, I won't write it down here.
I am the author of The Secret of The Zipacna Dragons, which Kirkus review calls 'An ambitious fantasy tale that builds an enticing world with simple but effective details.'   Adijari is a fantasy world with of my own design and imagination that takes a lot of inspiration from the global mythologies I am obsessed with. I hope you enjoy what you see. I imagine hard to make sure you do :)

Interests & Hobbies

Big into Mythology. I'm familiar with Nordic and Persian mythology and am reupping my knowledge of Indian Mythology by re-reading the Mahabharata. Also into all kinds of folklore.

Favorite Movies

I adore martial arts films. Everyone from Jackie Chan to Iko Uwaius I most enjoyed the Iron Man and Captain America movies of the Marvel Universe, particularly The Winter Soldier. The Guy Ritchie film 'Snatch' always comes to mind when I think of my favorite movies.

Favorite TV Series

Avatar the Last Air Bender and Korra Young Justice season 1 and 2 Game of Thrones

Favorite Books

The Mahabharata His Dark Materials series is a series I will always be learning from. Terry Brooks original 7 Shannara books are what got me interested in writing. Neil Gaiman's Sandman series is one revisit often

Favorite Writers

Philip Pullman Neil Gaiman Robert Kirkman

Favorite Games

God Of War. I haven't played 1-3 but I admire everything about 4. Uncharted series Horizon Zero Dawn