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Devs are the light of the universe in human form

    The devs have a profound connection with light. Though they are physical beings of flesh and blood, light energy is also part of their make up. Devs connection with the daily light cycle is also visible through their very appearance. They are blue in color, but the darkness or fairness of that blue does gradually change throughout the day. They are at their fairest in the early morning and darkest at night. The spectrum of change they go through does vary per the individual. The color of their hair also changes as the sun and moon rise and fall. Usually dark brown when the sun is at its peak, and black when the moon takes it place. Female devs are devis and males are devas. They are the only one of the four people who differentiate themselves this way. There are some who identify as neither and simply call themselves devs.  

Early Devs

  Long before the rise of the Ismat empire, dev magic revolved around single color usage. The colors of the rainbow, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, correspond to the seven chakras- the energy centers of the body. Devs became specialized at projecting one of these seven colors externally and internally, which allowed them to empower the corresponding chakra as well.   This specialization of color and chakra empowerment led to the forming of villages and tribes with identities based on these skills. Thus there were multiple tribes and settlements dedicated to each of the seven chakras and their color. There was as much fighting as there was trade between these early societies. The consensus among scholars is that these societies were never sustainable, for they relied too much on the neighbors they fought with. Because though there were benefits and specialized talents that came out of towns focused on a single chakra, none of these talents were enough to sustain a society on their own. Root, or red chakra towns were very good at providing basic necessities, but lacked the ability to innovate when change was needed. Sacral or orange chakra towns were happy places, but easily fell into disarray over the constant search for pleasure over practicality. Eventually, small kingdoms formed out of these societies as it became understood that civilization needed people with multiple skills to survive.   Dev Magic Devs can incorporate light and manipulate it in a number of ways, though there is a clear division in how solar and lunar light can be used. The spectrum of light magic possibility is so great that devs need to specialize to become apt. Some devs choose to learn a set of solar or lunar abilities. Others choose by discipline, such as by choosing a set of warrior spells or by becoming light casters. Devs who go this route and learn both solar and lunar spells can also merge their skill sets during twilight for more profound results.  

The Ismat Empire

The Ismat Empire is a unification of seven dev nations. Originally hundreds of feuding kingdoms, that all changed with the construction of the Ayeshastra temple and the harvesting of Ismat Oil. Ismat oil has such a profound impact on the practice of dev magic that kingdoms realized they needed to unite to protect Ayeshastra and share its wealth.

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

They live all over, but prefer to live in open areas where the skies are generally clear and the sun and moon shine brightly.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Of all the four people, devs have the keenest eyesight.

Other types of Devs



Devs have the ability to become rishis by focusing the energy within themselves so deeply that they can permanently change themselves and alter their relationship with light and magic. They lose the basic faculty of light magic that all devs have, but gain in its stead any number of abilities depending on the discipline they choose.


Asuras are Devs who cannot cast spells. They are ostracized and maltreated. Throughout the Ismat Empire, asuras provide labor, but are shunned into settlements far from the main cities.


Rhakshasas are devs who change themselves through evil sacrificial spells to gain immense power of some kind. What sort of power and transformation occurs again depends on the spell cast.

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