Rhakshasas of Adijari


Rhakshasas are devs who have succumbed to the temptation of power through sacrificial magic. Through a ritualized spell that demands killing called the dushkrivya┬áspell , devs permanently transform themselves into monstrous beings. How they change and what power they achieve from this deed depends on the form of the dushkrivya they commit. A common trait among all rhakshasas is a mutation of the ajna or third eye chakra, which leads to a manifestation from their forehead. What sort of manifestation is again dependent on the dushkrivya.   There are eight major rhakshasa tribes. Seven of them have their own version of dushkrivya that new members need to successfully complete to assume the power that the tribe identifies with. Those who attempt but fail at it will still become rhakshasas, but will suffer a curse from the magic going wrong and are rejected by the tribe. Because they change themselves permanently, devs have just one opportunity to perform their chosen dushkrivya correctly. Those who become cursed rhakshasas are usually permitted to join the Jahat┬átribe.

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