Devs in Adijari
The devs of Adijari have a profound connection with light. Though they are physical beings of flesh and blood, light energy is also part of their make up. Devs connection with the daily light cycle is also visible through their very appearance. They are blue in color, but the darkness or fairness of that blue does gradually change throughout the day. They are at their fairest in the early morning and darkest at night. The spectrum of change they go through does vary per the individual. The color of their hair also changes as the sun and moon rise and fall. It is dark brown when the sun is at its peak, and black when the moon takes it place. Female devs are called devis and males are called devas. Of the four people they are the only ones who differentiate themselves this way, and there are some who identify as neither and simply call themselves devs. The devs live all over Adijari but they favor more open areas where there is plenty of light.

Dev Light Magic

Solar Magic

Spells that use sunlight that can be cast during the day. The brighter the sun is the more effective the spells.  

Lunar Magic

Spells that use moonlight that can be be cast at night. Like the solar counter part, the spells are more effective the more prominent the moon is.  

Twilight Magic

Spells that require both sun and moon light that can be cast during the short period when both heavenly bodies are in the sky.  

Light Casting

Devs can light cast to project images. The use of this skill is limited by time of day. During the day they can image cast, which is to project large and dazzling translucent images. At night they can illusion cast which is project a small opaque image.

The Ismat Empire is a unification of seven dev nations. Originally hundreds of feuding kingdoms, that all changed with the construction of The Temple of Ayeshastra and the harvesting of Ismat oil.

  A synthesized liquid form of concentrated light energy, it allows devs to cast spells way beyond their regular capability. The namesake and reason for the Ismat empire, it is the most coveted commodity amongst devs.

Cover image: by Azure Anderson-Jayaraj