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Ismat Oil

Ismat oil is harvested through the Ayeshastra temple and delivered throughout the dev empire. Use of the oil allows for magnificent spells to be cast by devs and the potential of it is still being understood. It is a form of concentrated light that is so dense that it is in a malleable liquid state. Although the oil is most useful to those trained in its use to not be overwhelmed by it, even amateur spell casters can vastly outdo themselves with a mere drop of it. An example of its use is in image casting, where a spell caster can go from projecting a single building to projecting an entire detailed city. Ismat oil is the most coveted commodity of the empire. It redefined the political landscape, starting with Ayeshastra itself which functions on a moneyless strict barter system so no entity can gain control of the oil. Ismat is heavily guarded and transported by Ayeshastra disciples of the spirits Ashra and Bashra. They work alongside the guardians of other nations within the empire. The theft of Ismat oil is a crime punishable by death, and its guardians have full authority to protect it at all costs. It is a constant battle to prevent rhakshasas from acquiring it. With it, the Pidmaya can cast an illusion of lies that can fool a nation, and the Kalandala can instantly kill numerous people who look in their direction across miles. Thus, in spite of the great things that can be achieved with Ismat oil, many devs worry that it is too dangerous to have around.


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