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Ashra and Bashra

Ashra and Bashra are twin deities. Ashra has red skin and Bashra has white, and they both wear gold ornaments. It is said that when they fight one another, though they fight with the utmost ferocity, it still looks like a dance between equals. They are warrior, medicine, and messenger gods. Together they teach balance, the importance of the body, and respect for movement in all its forms. Along with Mythserela they are primary spirits of Ayeshastra  and have charged their devotees the task of delivering and protecting Ismat oil. Though gods of light, Ashra and Bashra love horses. Devotees of them find balance in rearing horses for their chariots. Though two entities, in many ways they are a single force divided into two beings. One is never seen without the other. Their sexuality is also fluid. They have appeared as men, women, and various forms of intersex. It has led some to believe that Ashra and Bashra are not just two, but many spirits. Such talk is seen as blasphemy in the regions that worship them. They see this idea as a lack of imagination and respect for these complex gods.
Divine Classification


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