Kalandala of Adijari


    Kalandala loosely means something between 'Death's Weapon' and 'Weapons of death." They are the most benign looking rhakshasa and the most deadly.
Their physical structure is that of ordinary devs, but their skin does not change from one blue to another with the changing time of day- almost like a part of them is locked in time. The culture of the Kalandala is centered around Rishi-rhakshasas. Ordinary rishis of Adijari are wise intelligent men or women who have chosen a life of asceticism and meditation. It affords many Rishis some kind of super-naturalness and deserved level of respect from all classes of life from rajas to beggars. But the rishis of the Kalandala tribe practice asceticism and meditation with a focus on killing. As mentioned earlier, rhakshasas are devs who become rhakshasas by a ritualistic killing spell called dushkrivya . The Kalandala through the process of killing develop what is called the 'soul eater' - an eye in the center of their forehead which is what makes them so deadly. All they have to do is use the soul eater to make eye contact with someone to instantly kill them. Kalandala is actually the name of their holy book, which is the set of instructions to guide devs into becoming Rishi rhakshasas and a member of the Kalandala nation.


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