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Asuras of the nameless

Asuras already suffer due to their ailments and the lack of worth put on them by outside parties. But the asuras forced to live in the nameless are the most unfortunate. Born into the poisoned land where the threat of death is as prevalent as the stench, their livelihood is all about survival. The asuras of the nameless are forced to cooperate to fend off the dangers that surround them, yet betrayal is always around the corner as well. Actions like sacrificing someone else to a Shimastakshah to buy minutes to get away is an almost expected practice. Asura children of the nameless are put to work at the age of six, and do not stop until they are dead, for even the old are not given a chance to relax. The mix of toxicity from what makes the nameless what it is, the poisons of discarded talismans and old sewage, leads to a general weight of unhealthiness for the already suffering asuras. Their cursed time, the individualized ailment that afflicts asuras, is much more pronounced for asuras living here. They are so easy to take advantage of because of their weaknesses, that rhakshasas and even devs will come here looking for slaves. This is why despite the lack of trust between the asuras of the nameless, they will still attempt to stick together. Some of their settlements are built around the rare patches of lifegiving resources, like the odd orchard bearing decent fruit. These gems of rarity in the nameless can be so crucial to the existence of asuras of the nameless, that they are vicious about protecting them. Because they are poor combatants against those who are physically superior, they are reliant on their craftiness. They are diabolical trap maker, whether it comes to enemies, or animals for food, or in some cases enemies for food due to the scarcity. In general, asuras and magic do not mix, but some have been able to use discarded magical items in their traps, though as many have also done themselves great damage in their attempts. Life is cheap for the asuras of the nameless, yet that disregard has also led to some fascinating innovations, innovations that cost many lives.


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